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Caitlin Johnson's Fundraiser:

Help Artoo Detoo Pee!

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Caitlin Johnson


This morning our beloved cat Artoo Detoo was referred to the emergency clinic for vomiting and trouble urinating, it was there he was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). FLUTD is a fairly common disorder where crystals build up in the bladder and cause irritation and pain, and may eventually obstruct the urethra making the cat unable to urinate. In the morning we found out he had a large number of crystals, but at that point he was still able to urinate so we went home with some pain and muscle relaxers with instructions to watch him carefully in case of an obstruction. A mere 3 hours later we noticed he was not able to urinate and we immediately took him back to the clinic where it was confirmed he had a blockage. He was admitted for 48 hours where they'll attempt to clear the blockage, but if they're unsuccessful or if the blockage is caused from stones, then Artoo may need surgery. :[

If anyone is willing to help us out we would greatly appreciate it, I will also be selling some items on Etsy and all of those proceeds will go to Artoo. Anyone who donates will get an e-card from Artoo and I, and anyone who donates $100 or more will get a hand made craft made just for you (Whatever you want within my limits of crafting)

**If you notice your cat (most common with males) has not urinated for over 12 hours, is straining to urinate, using the litter box unsuccessfully, peeing in abnormal places, licking his genitals frequently, PLEASE contact your vet IMMEDIATELY. A block in the urethra is very serious. Not being able to urinate can cause renal failure and death. **



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