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Start Soco

We are trying to raise funds to paint murals of local fish next to storm drains in Sonoma County, CA. It is part of our campaign to involve youth in public art, while getting across the message that our storm drains lead into creeks, lakes and the ocean - and that anything dumped into the drains pollute the environment. Help keep our fish alive and healthy! Tax ID 68-0468124


ArtStart SR (Santa Rosa, CA)
The mission of Artstart is to provide job training, mentoring and fostering of life-changing breakthroughs by way of a stimulation work experience in the arts for all Sonoma County, CA, youth, while creating public art for our community. This year we have not solicited donations from our local patrons as we felt it was insensitive to ask for funding from many people who may have lost their homes in the Santa Rosa wild fire disaster. Our Summer Program 2018 which provides each student with a $500 dollar scholarship, would be involved with the realization of the Storm Drain Fish Murals which would be placed throuhout Sonoma County. Along with providing a scholarship, money would be used for materials and funding for this project. Through these murals we hope to educate people about our watershed and the effects of toxics and pollution entering the riparian environment though waste from storm drains. Please look at our website to see some of the beautiful public art projects that we have spearheaded in the last 18 years of our service, providing training and scholarships to over 300 youthful  artists. Please feel free to contact us for additional information, if you would like to commission an art project from us in Sonoma County, CA, or if you would like to become part of our program. Thank you very much, we appreciate your donation and help.