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Starting something new can be easy. The idea, the paperwork the planning. However, finding capital for such ventures is not. And when you come from nothing, or nearly nothing, with no one but yourself backing you, it makes it that much harder to get started. Getting help from venture capitalists, banks and such require you to have already started, and are looking to expand, with definite revenues, and other avenues don't seem to take into account today's possible business model, unless you already have money.

So, I'm turning to asking for help. I have most of what I need to start. All except that final "push" to open my doors.

What am I doing? Designing shirts. Artist - REAL ARTISTS- tee shirts. Made by artists for everyone. not "by artists" that are all scribbly and abstract messes, but actual visual artists with actual pictures/images that represent the artist and their work. I have most of the backbone of the business set up. But to launch my site properly (which IS set up) I need to pay my manufacture and distributor. I also need to pay my artists for their work and all the admin costs associated with that. I don't need 10,000 dollars to do this (the min. for most loans). I just need a jump start on getting off the ground.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you think that I can do it, please donate. Everything helps.



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