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CROWDRISE : Nov 30, 2012
Tax ID: 45-3164225
BASED: Arlington, VA, United States



Our Mission

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Modern slavery and human trafficking exist in the world today. Millions of people wake up everyday only to endure the unimaginable agonies of their bondage. They may be enslaved in factories, on farms, or in the sex industry. They may be children or they may be adults.

Art possesses unique properties that can aid us in the global fight against these great atrocities. Art has the power to engage people on an emotional level: it can give meaning to the confusions, injustices and chaos of everyday life. It allows us a glimpse, however momentary, into the world of a slave. And from that connection, we are inspired to take action.

But more than that, art can be a tool to empower slavery's survivors. If slavery debases and denies people their humanity, then art can restore it.

ArtWorks for Freedom uses these unique properites of art. In partnership with human rights organizations, governments and the private sector, we seek to build awareness, inspire anti-trafficking action and give voice to survivors of this crime against humanity, ultimately contributing to its eradication. ArtWorks for Freedom is not a single film, photo exhibit, or theatre piece about human trafficking. It is a fluid aggregation - at the highest artistic level - of many "art events" deployed during a concentrated period of time.

Tax ID: 45-3164225 •


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