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Mission: Cambodian Volunteer Trip

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April 08, 2012

My fundraiser is also on crowdrise! I raised $67 yesterday and handed out over 50+ flyers to community members. TY for your support!  See more


EVENT DATE: Dec 28, 2012

Ashante T.


As a survivor of sexual abuse I've always wanted to take back my voice. Take back my happines and take back my freedom. I'm a activist in the fight to end Sex Slavery in the world. Human Trafficking is something that exist and will continue to exist if we as people lower our voices. Raise your voice and fight for the basic human right, to be free, to be happy, to live a beautiful life. To not be enslaved and to not be harmed by the evils of this world. Its my mission to raise funds for the Somaly Mam foundation so that I can give these girls hope. As well for other organizations where children and women need to regain there voices back too. 


Fundraising Goal: 5,000

Mission Dates: December 28 - January 2012

In Order to Participate I must raise a minimum of $2000 

Friends and Family and Supports,


If you don't know, my name is Ashante and I am currently a student at Westminster Choir College in Princeton. From a very young age I was exposed to a series of many unfortunate events that ultimately make up who I am today. These events that so persistently challenged my way of thinking and caring for the world have led me down many different paths that lead to many different destinations. At times one path would have been easier than the other but I believe the one I've chosen today is the right choice. Besides my love for music it has always been my passion to help others, especially others who have been abused in any shape or form.  When I begin joining organizations that help fight against human trafficking that need to help became even stronger. 

When I had the opportunity to meet Somaly Mam a amazing activist, survivor and author of the book The Road of Lost Innocence my mind was set on finding ways in which I can make the world around me a better place. I make it my job to inform at least one person everyday about this social issue and how it is affecting millions of people around us. After I graduate school I would like to move to Cambodia and work with the girls in the Centers that Somaly built. These girls give me inspiration and hope in a world that is filled with ugliness. Somaly gives me hope that even after all the bad things you go through in life, there is good waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. I am apart of the Polaris Project, Love146, and the Somaly Mam foundation helping in putting a stop to this heartbreaking problem. Through attending workshops, donating to the organizations and putting on campaigns on my campus(at the end of april) , I am 100% invested in fighting Human Trafficking.  

At the moment I can't go to the centers in Cambodia that Somaly has built for the children and women she rescue. Attending with Project Futures during this time isn't possible because I have school and work throughout the times they will be visiting. I came across the Cambodian Kids Fund through Facebook and I knew this was my opportunity to help. THe CKF is a non profit organization that aims to make a better life for Cambodia's future (The kids) as well they empower women to better themselves and others around them for a better future. Through the help of building schools or teaching the kids english, it enables me to purse my dream of going to Cambodia, teaching them and helping them at the same time. 

I would like to go to Cambodia to be apart of this amazing foundation even if it's just for 10 days. These kids need to see that even through struggle you can and will come out on top. You just have to never give up and always believe in yourself. Somaly once told me that you have to  "Love yourself and empower yourself and don't be scared". I love myself by loving others. I empower myself by constantly helping others and improving  myself by finding different ways in which to help them. And I refuse to be scared because at the end of the day the only person you should be scared of is yourself

Below you will find more information on the trip:


Mission: Cambodia is not your average tour trip, the trips are not run by a business of travel company. The trips are run by the Cambodian Kids Foundation, a not for profit, non religious & non political registered NGO. The Cambodian Kids Foundation works at empowering the people of Cambodia through a number of sustainable and successful grass roots projects.
The foundation works to develop projects and programs that both empower and invest in the future of Cambodia. At the Cambodian Kids Foundation we aim to change lives, we have a dream of a bigger, better and beautiful future for Cambodia and the families that we work with.

In short: The Cambodian Kids Foundation is a little organisation doing great & amazing things.

Why does the Cambodian Kids Foundation run the Mission: Cambodia trips? We run these trips for three reasons:

Number one being, we think it is important that every person be involved in making the world a better place.
Sometimes people find it hard to make a difference, we want to make it easier and more accessible - we want to prove that making a difference is not as hard as people think!

Two- We work with over 1000 children on a daily basis, and you would have no idea the progress a lot of these kids make whilst we have visitors over here.
They are fast and willing learners and absorb anything that is taught to them - our volunteers make a big difference to these kids and that's what we are all about.
Creating opportunities so that the kids we work with benefit greatly.

Three - As our foundation is a not for profit organisation, everyone works for free.
The Australian staff on the Mission: Cambodia trips are working for free, the Khmer staff are paid for their usual jobs but are going above and beyond what their job description states and requires. Why? because we all love this foundation and the 15 projects we run through this foundation.




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