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Labrador Rescue Campaign

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Ashleigh Crites via Crowdrise
August 24, 2012

Won't you help my buddies??... Puh-leeeaz!?!  See more
Ashleigh Crites


Ashleigh with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida here!!

We are in the midst of our annual friends and family campaign, Saving the world one lab at a time :) During this time of year we reach out to our friends, families, friends of friends of cousins, co-wrokers, you get the point we reach out to everyone that we can possibly find and we share the opportunity to make a labs life happier. This is the least we can do for these furry love muffins, afterall they live everday with the desire to please us and love us unconditionally so we would be silly not to provide that and so much more back to them!

Are you able to make a donation? Will you spread the word? Every donation counts!

Your benerous contribution can provide vaccines, heartworm treatment, surgeries and so much more for our lovely pups!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS- That handsome guy in the photo on the left is my 8 yr old lab Rocky- I can not express how amazing that guy is nor can I express how happy he has made my life, I did always like that question they ask about rescue pets and their rescue parents "Who saved who"

You will not be satisfied unless you are contributing something to or for the benefit of others.
~Walter Annenberg


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