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Ashley Martin

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Andrew SAYS:
You are awesome! Vote back …
You are awesome! Vote back if you want. While you're at it check out my Napkin Picture that Crowdrise is featuring
3 years ago
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Allen SAYS:
November vote! In less tha…
November vote!

In less than TWO WEEKS, I will be mud running again to raise money for art education. Please help too by donating to my Crowdrise project. Your donations support low-income, aspiring artists and will enable those students to realize their dreams and aspirations in the arts. Thank you!
4 years ago
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Linda SAYS:
Hi...August Vote..."Remember…
Hi...August Vote..."Remember to take time to ENJOY Life's little pleasures"...(My Project..CURE EPILEPSY)
5 years ago
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Kirsten SAYS:
If this is the Ashley that h…
If this is the Ashley that has an appt at Naturemed Clinic today please call us as: 303-884-7557. Thank you and warmest regards-
5 years ago
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You rock, girl! Keep up the…
You rock, girl! Keep up the great work!
5 years ago
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Ashley Martin
Tempe, AZ United States
Stuff About Me:

FIRST OFF, if you have stumbled upon this page and don't have a crowdrise account you should make one! It is really easy and super badass!

MY STORY- I was a perfectly normal little girl except I always felt very sick.  The doctors said I would grow out it as I got older.  At 13, I made a new friend that got very sick with leukemia. I put together a few baskets of donated goodies, sold raffle tickets and gave the money to my friend to help pay for her cancer treatments.  As I approached 16 I was getting migraines associated with flashing colors and uncontrolled vomiting several times a month and had to go to the emergency room to stop the symptoms. I experienced vertigo, nausea, blackouts and hyperventilation on a weekly basis. Sometimes I was so exhausted that I couldn’t drag myself out of bed in the morning. For my 16th Birthday I put on a benefit concert, raised a bunch of cash money and became a circle of care recipient with the Childrens Hospital of Denver. A few months later I hopped on a bus to Tijuana, Mexico to help out at an orphanage for a while. Later that same year I decided to put on another benefit concert for a battered women’s shelter. I think that is about the time I became addicted. For my 19th birthday I went back to the orphanage in Tijuana to visit! Next, I volunteered at a home for the developmentally disabled, a community garden and for the school providing a program driving drunk kids home to prevent them from driving themselves. Suddenly felt my health spiral out of control to the point that I was barely functioning. The next year I went to doctor after doctor searching for answers. I was told that I was crazy from most of the 40 doctors that I saw that year. I was standing in the middle of a crowd screaming for help but no one could hear me. I decided to give up. I became depressed and suicidal. My mother pushed me to get just one more MRI - another scan of my brain. The doctors were right; it was all in my head, a brain tumor.  The tumor appeared in a scan from my younger days but it was simply overlooked by a radiologist and my general practitioner at the time  (they said it was a flash from my braces). June 7th, 2012 the Oligoastrocytoma was removed from my dome. Within a matter of weeks I felt better than before the surgery. Less than a month out of surgery I started another fundraiser and discovered crowdrise in the process. After chemotherapy I started to feel very ill again to the point that my quality of life was going downhil very fast. 6 months after the removal of the brain tumor we found that there was still some left over and June 5th, 2013 I will have another crainiotomy. It was also discovered that I have a grapefruit sized benign tumor on my left ovary, that will be removed later this summer. Following these surgeries I will be getting a few fusions in my spine to help with degenerated discs in my back. With all of the health issues I have faced problems I have began to ponder the way in which many feel the way as I do -screaming out silent.  I want to give a voice to everything that does not have one of their own. 



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