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Ashlyn, 9: Kihon Mixed Martial Arts Photo
Ashlyn, 9: Kihon Mixed Martial Arts Photo

The Story

Ashlyn has been working hard in her Kihon Mixed Martial Arts classes for the past 7 months. Unfortuntately, her parents can longer afford the classes and she is worried that she won't be able to complete her training.


Ashlyn said, "I'm very close to the next rank. Mixed Martial Art's helps me so much with exercise and self-defense and responsibility and respect and it's so much fun! If you could please help me in any way I would do anything in the whole world."


Let's help Ashlyn reach the next level in her Mixed Martial Arts practice.


Ashlyn is already busy completing volunteer hours to earn this scholarship.  Please help us make the hard work pay off by sponsoring this campaign.  


You can either donate money or you can click the red “SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER” button to start your own campaign for Ashlyn. Tell everyone the great things you plan to do, and ask your friends and family to support this child by supporting you. You can keep your friends updated about your efforts with photos and updates through your personalized campaign portal!