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Ashlyn Northington

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Hi everyone! In less than f…
Hi everyone!

In less than five hours, the Hope to Haiti project will come to an end. We wanted to take a few moments to thank you all once again for your support and generosity. This has been an amazing experience for all of us and we're grateful that you joined us in it.

If anyone wants to make some last-minute donations, there's still some time left. ;)

With love and gratitude from the Random Acts team!
7 years ago
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Hi Everyone: We are so exci…
Hi Everyone:

We are so excited to announce the winner of our Haiti trip giveaway: Jessica Meirs!

Congratulations, Jessica--we're thrilled to have you join us in Jacmel! And thank to everyone who qualified for the drawing. As always, we can't even put into words how much your support means to us all.

-Jenny Ackerman
Development Officer
Random Acts, a division of the Art Department, Inc
7 years ago
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Here's an April vote ! Visit…
Here's an April vote !
Visit may page - a return vote would be great (just click the + sign next to my name)
Don't forget to check out my projects - join my team - donations gratefully accepted.

Unmasking Mental Illness-National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Red Cross Tornado Relief Fund
7 years ago
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Elise Marie
Elise Marie SAYS:
Here is my April vote for yo…
Here is my April vote for you. How are you doing? I would love to hear from you. What do you think of Save the children federation? I work with getting new members for them, travelling all over Norway for 3 months now. Loving my job! :)

"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you." -John Wooden

Elise Marie
7 years ago
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Chris SAYS:
Here is an April vote for you!
Here is an April vote for you!
7 years ago
Ashlyn Northington
Marbury, AL United States
Stuff About Me:

I'm not going to bombard you with charity psycho-babble here. There's no point. You've heard it all; you know it by heart. I'm not going to try and tug at your heartsrings by telling you how much these kids need your help to get you to click that orange button. You know that already. 


But don't think that means I won't try to make you feel guilty. 


You know if you can donate or not. It doesn't matter how small that donation is. This isn't about who makes more of a difference, this isn't about politics. This is about children that we are trying to help. Children are children the world over. You know they need help, and you know if you can give it or not. You alone will know if you are making excuses not to give. 


What are you giving for?


We are trying to build a community center for these kids. It will provide education as well as shelter, and a fishery will be built there in order to have a constant source nutrition for the children. It's as simple as that. No gimmicks. Random Acts wants to help in the most basic, but important way. 


You may be wondering where this is all coming from, right? Of course, you want to know where your money is going, and you should. I've gotten involved in this project through Misha Collins, a man that works tirelessly in an effort to make the world a better place for all. 


I donated to Random Acts last year, when Misha did something called Run, Misha, Run to help construct a dental clinic, an orphange, and a carpentry school in Haiti. I pledged a penny (yes, the jobless have little options) for every kilometer Misha ran. He ended up running 83! I followed Misha's run the entire day on Twitter as he kept us updated on his journey. Misha and RandomActs have a way of getting you emotionally involved with their projects. I trust Misha and any community or cause he leads me to. 


Click the links. Why should I poorly repeat everything here when you can research it yourself! But make sure to come back and donate if you can!!/therandomactorg


Come on, guys, you know how important this is! We only have 57 more days to make this happen!



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