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July 20, 2016

I'm astonished how many people's life I've touched with my story of my burns,it wasn't a easy thing for me. The donations and outpouring verbally  See more


Ashly Baumgard


Hello,my name is Ashly! I always wanted to tell my story with the hope to reach out to other burn victims like myself and let them know that they are not alone. My story began when I was about 4 years old in Bogotá Colombia, South America. My father, my biological sister and I went to a local station to get some fuel. My dad went into the station to get something or pay not quite sure. While he was inside my sister and I stayed outside and played. I had to be told what happened next because of the severity of my burns I think I went into shock and don't remember much. My sister and I were playing while this man nearby took a cigarette out lit a match and his cigarette and didn't bother to blow out match before he tossed it onto a stream of gasoline that was on pavement. Well, a fire ignited. My sister saw it and got away but my back was to it. I was engulfed with flames on my legs. As I screamed bystanders tried to help by pouring 7up onto my legs to extinguish the flames, shortly after that I was rushed to a nearby hospital. I remember and will always remember being thrown into a big stainless steel tub crying and watching my skin being washed away. My long hospital stay included, learning how to walk all over again, deep depression, suicidal thoughts, and thinking I would never fit into this life again with the scars due to lack of medical supplies and knowledge.It was until I started to get around in the hospital and met this older boy that was burnt from head to toe wrapped up like a mummy. I think that was my first wake up call. I got to thinking that I was so lucky and fortunate that I could've ended up like him, but didn't. I could go on and on and feel sorry for myself or have others for me but I don't want that at all. I'm not saying that I don't have those days where I wish I could feel comfortable just to do the simplest thing as wear a pair of shorts,or where a dress just below my knees. I always go back in my mind and think about that young man in hospital and thank my lucky stars. I'm Thankful everyday that I have 3 Amazing kids, a very understanding man and mostly for the ability to walk and enjoy running. My scars bother me still at times but they are a reminder how blessed I am. Nothing would make me happier than to help or see other burn victims get the care they need to excel in whatever they may dream or want!


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Cliff and Missy

Cliff and Missy

3 years ago

Vicki Constans

Vicki Constans


Regardless of the scars you are beautiful 3 years ago