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The mission of Ashrams for Autism is to creative yoga progams and facilities where individuals with autism can life, work, play and contribute to their community. Utilizing the science of yoga and modern-day scientific advances, these faculties will seek to instill dignity and guide each individual towards peacefully achieving their highest potential. These programs will be in keeping with the green initiative practicing the principals of non-harming to all beings and the earth. Inspired by the teachings and words of Sri Swami Satchidananda. Ashrams for autism will seek to help each person individually and as a community.

Yoga Ashrams have been known as peaceful and healing sanctuaries for centuries. They are known for being filled with music and light, creating an uplifting and healing atmosphere for the autistic individual, this tranquil and peaceful environment is ideal. Our facilities/programs aim to take the quality of an ashram that most benefit individuals with autism. A daily routine that creates a life of security, a pure and healing diet, yogic exercises that strengthen the body, Pranayama (yogic breathing) to calm the nervous system, working in a community for the common goal of well being.

This yoga inspired atmosphere combined with moderate advances in autism help to create integrated programs and facilities in which our special individuals will flourish.

You can be a part of this important mission by donating to our project and inviting your friends to do the same. Thank you!