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A Single Mother of 8 struggling with life tribulations.

Organized by: Nickie Bella

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My niece is a 39yrs old single woman raising eight children. The children ages are from 21yrs old to 1 1/2 years of age. I truly applause her because she is going through life tribulation and. hardship with these children. Yet she's. Still standing strong. At an early age these children have to learned how to suurvide inside their mother's. car in the cold weather or in a hot steamy weather. These children somettimes have to worry about mommy finding a place for them to lives or not knowing how long until mommy have to moved into another home or bounce from shelter to shelter. When she finally get a place in the shelter with the chldren , it's either over crowded or she's afraid of being their with the children. She have section 8 but the types of home or the area where she's being approved, is not safe or conducive for the children to lived. Section 8 gives her a limited amount of time to find an apartment or a home, If she does not make the deadline she can loose the section 8 program.,So therefore., she has no choice of finding a decent home . Since she's racing for time with section 8 and she has to get the children out of the car or the shelter. It lives her with no option or choices in choosing a decent home for herself and the children. In that case she has to get the first run down home she can get. Some of these home she's finding has big rats, mice, roaches, mildew....etc.... the landlords does not want to fix or make repairs to the places that she rent. The children knows about not having a hot plate of food on their table or not knowing when is the next time mommy have to move because the houses they're are getting from section 8 are not conducive to lived in . The mother have to explained to them why they only can choose one gift out of their list to Santa or Mr. Bonny ( Easter). In addition to the hardship and struggles of finding a home. She has to care for some of the children with long term health and medicals condition, such as lupus, asthma, allergy, Schizophrenia. disorder and heart congestion. fairlure etc.,. More over, my niece is also battling with her own health issues. I tuly admire my niece because of the unconditional love, patient , caring, decipline, courage, faith, hope and the believe she has install into these children. It is absolutely remarkable . Oh by the way, the family have not miss one Sunday of church. When the mother feelse sick and she would tell them she can't go to church.The children would encourage her to get dress and told their mom "after you come from church you will be fine". They take care of each other. I would love to help her more with the children but there is so much I can do. In conclusion, A single mother of 8 struggling with hardship and tribulation of life to raise her children.


Organized by

Nickie Bella

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