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Helping children with autism be a part of our social world through skateboarding. Askate focuses on building social skills, motor, vestibular, and proprioceptive skills using the same methods found in Occupational Therapy. Askate is the original autism skateboarding foundation based out of Birmingham, AL however we have chapters all over the world. Thanks for your much needed support! Tax ID 80-0594675


Askate is a grass roots autism skatboarding foundation ran by parents of children with autism and core skateboarders with over 27 years of skateboard experience. We appreciate your support and efforts for fundraising as Askate is not currently a "funded" organization. We rarely have the opportunity to apply for grants and often times events come out of our own pockets. Without your support we can not grow and continue serving areas we are currently established in. We have made our mark within the autism community and appear to be an extremely large organization however we are simply 2 sometimes 3 people volunteering our time and efforts to helping others through Askate. We currently have no staff on payroll nor volunteers on payroll. Funding raised goes toward the specific event created by supporters. Thank you again for continuing to help Askate thrive as a tiny fish in a great big ocean!