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Wade McCraney's Fundraiser:

Asking Gods Angels for a Hand Up!

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Wade McCraney


Hi, my name is Wade.  After my divorce this past year and not finding a job that would support me, I talked with a friend about moving to North Carolina and was still unable to find work. I found myself becoming homeless here in Winston Salem.  There are shelters here, but no real place to get back on your feet. There are, as some would call it following the food chain shelter, but not a real total support system. I met a man here whose name is Homer Gray Shockley said that he had a vision from GOD to start a small mission.  He told me he had the land and a building that has a woodworking shop in it. Therefore, we talked and having worked with homeless mission before, I told him it was a very do able idea.

Here is briefly is what Homer Gray Shockley wanted to do:

He wanted to start a non-profit mission, take in donations for the repair of the building, and to start a fund for a new building. Yes, this is a good idea. We started cleaning the building and having yard sales, the money from the sales was supposed to go to pay for the filing fees, getting the power on and the roof repaired, but instead it went into Homers pocket.

We waited six week on a lawyer friend of his from church to draw up all the needed legal papers, and finally had to do it myself. We did get the Incorporation. Then we started having a hard time getting Homer to think about signing what paperwork that was needed for us go forward. We never did get him to adopt the By-Laws, because he would not have total control over the bank account.

He wanted me to get a business plan together, and start finding places on the internet that would give us donations or make the mission a loan. Which makes sense? Homer wanted to take any donations, grants and loan money that did come in to buy the land that he had already told us he owned, then he could lease it back to the mission, let the funds coming in upgrade and do all the repairs,  until he could sell it for a personal profit.   It was time to end this mission before Homer had us in prison for using non-profit grants and donations for his personal use.

Now, after having to spend what little money that I had on living the last 90 days, it came down to this - I would rather live under the stars and be free. So, I moved under the stars away from this insanity.  I am trying to start over again, without any of the necessary funds for housing and deposits, transportation, job in the computer field, etc.  


 I do not know about you, but this string of events by a man, who wanted to do nothing, but make a profit off the backs of the homeless. This would break anyone’s hearts as it did mine. See you under the stars.

Anything will help.

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Wade is working on selecting a charity so you can support Asking Gods Angels for a Hand Up!.