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Aspen Strong

Hike. Hope. Heal. 2017 is Aspen Strong's annual event to raise money for the Mental Health Fund supporting residents from Aspen to Parachute and to promote mental hygiene and the resources available. Tax ID 81-3353572


Why we want your business involved:

Local businesses in Aspen are in a unique position to demonstrate not just to our community, but the entire Roaring Fork Valley, that they support their employees and are willing to be a leader when it comes to tackling mental health issues. We want to help create a culture in Aspen that promotes good mental hygiene and supports efforts to combat mental health issues. 

You participation in this event will help bring our community together to fight the stigma of mental illness, and uplift our the very core of our community, the worker bees in knowing they are supported and that help is available! 

All registered teams have access to the hike event on August 19th 2017. Details can be found HERE. Click here to learn more about the Mental Health Fund.