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Nisha Vanmali's Fundraiser:

Helping African children Aspire to a brighter future

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Nisha Vanmali



St Patience Basildon Education Center located in Mombasa City, Mombasa County approximately 11K.M from the City Center at a community called Chembani, is a community school that currently hosts 86 children from very poor families and orphaned Children, giving them hope for a brighter future.  It was founded in the year 2007 by a very Caring and humble lady called Madam Patience Nyadzua who is the Founder, Director and Teacher at the school; she is an amazing lady with a big heart. She started off with only 6 children driven by the passion of helping others and especially children, she couldn’t think of a better way to help the children around her community who stayed at home while others went to school because they couldn’t afford it.

Outside St. Patience Basildon School, when 6 Norwegian student’s visited and Paid the Land fees amounting to Kshs. 36,000 ($360) for the whole year i.e. $30 per month, Madam Patience was indeed very grateful.

Madam Patience is married to a very humble Man of God called Bishop Solomon Memba, through his support made it possible for Madam Patience to open the School and help the children. Bishop Solomon founded a Church Called Basildon Healing Mission and Ministries of Kenya where the School derives its name. Initially or rather the original aim/plan was that Madam Patience wanted to open an orphanage but when they thought it through with her husband it was too expensive and they would have been overwhelmed by the Children’s demands and yet they also do not have much to give but hope for a better future to the children.

The number of children has grown so much over the years through her efforts to sensitize the community on the importance of Education and the passion to see children from the community grow to become responsible people in future. She teaches not only the normal school curricular but also spiritual upbringing of the children and encouraging them never to give up despite of the situations they found themselves in.

St. Patience has 6 Classes;

Baby Class (Ages between 2 ½ - 4 Years Old)
Primary Level 1 to Level  5 (Ages Between 10 – 14 Years Old)

What is amazing about this school is that it is one small structure partitioned by plywood and all these classes run at the same time in there. The Class has dirt flooring where they have placed Mats for the children to sit on during studies with 2 Black boards in each space. This shows how passionate the parents and children are about education, most of the children come to school without shoes because they cannot afford it and tattered clothing but still can afford a smile.

Inside the Class room with the Children at St. Patience Basildon Education Centre (Left: Bishop Solomon and his Wife Madam Patience in Red, 6 Norwegian students who visited, Salim a community Leader and Solomon who is Madam Patience’s Son also a Teacher at the School.

Madam Patience cannot afford to pay Teachers thus when the number of children started increasing in 2009 She requested her Son Solomon to join her in the quest to do good for the community by empowering and giving hope to the under-privileged children. Towards the end of 2013 they were lucky to get a well wisher Madam Esther Gona who assists them with teaching.

The School is short of literary everything from Chalk, Pencils, Pens, Black Boards, a bigger structure to accommodate the children. Madam Patience is doing a great Job that very few people would ever be able to do voluntarily and out of passion. Where she puts up her structure, she pays Kshs. 4000 (USD 40) per month,  but it’s a struggle since she depends on well wishers and the little contribution from Parents who would pay Kshs. 10 (USD 0.1) for Tuition because they cannot afford it. She wishes to have a place of her own and better structures for the School so she can be able to do more for the kids by employing professional Teachers.





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