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CROWDRISE : Nov 01, 2013
Tax ID: 36-6145045
BASED: Des Plaines, IL, United States


Safety Matters

Join the ASSE Foundation, stand for safety, and be a part of tomorrow.

Workplace deaths occur at a rate of 12 per day in the United States alone. The ASSE Foundation supports the occupational safety and health workers who are changing that.


The charitable arm of the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Foundation advances workplace safety by supporting the SH&E profession. We focus on research initiatives, spearheading efforts to shed new light on the ever-changing landscape of safety science. We focus on leadership development, cultivating the next generation of leaders to guide the safety profession in years to come. And we focus on education, providing growth opportunities to those who are dedicated to seeing safety become a reality for all.


Support the Foundation and you support the workers who bring 12 more people home from work safe every day. You know that safety matters. You understand the significance of our profession, the consequences that come from ignoring safety, and you care enough to do something about it. We look ahead and envision a culture of safety upheld around the globe by a well-credentialed and highly educated workforce of professionals. We look at those who have experienced the tragedy of loss and seek to mitigate its effects on families.


Safety is important for everyone. For ourselves, for our families, for our communities. For those we love. Let’s keep them part of our lives.


Join the Foundation, stand for safety, and be a part of tomorrow. Because Safety Matters.


Tax ID: 36-6145045 •


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