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Assistance for Emancipation

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I would like to become independent from my single parent household. I am unable for file emancipation papers because I am financially unable to move out. If you could help me be more capable of moving out that be good. I am still in high school and having your help this not be impossible for me. A lot of times I was really hopeful that once I turned 16 I would be able to move out but financially I am stuck. I believe being emancipated will give me time to focus on areas of my life I am unable o fix at home. I will be able to have work experience, get a drivers license, chose my which school I could attend and pick up my medicine without waiting on my guardian. My aunt does try to be there for me yet she is really busy and work long hours she is not able to be there most the time. The hours I am stuck at home I could be using more beneficially. Being independent am able to rebuild myself from a rough childhood. I don't have any friends either and if I gain independence I am able to keep myself busy. I would like to start over y being emancipated. As a child I was given the opportunity of escaping war conflicts ad coming to another country. I was promised a better life, yet still I faced hardship at home and interpersonally. Being emancipated meant that I had liberty. That no one can promise you a better life, it is something you do for yourself.



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Perside is working on selecting a charity so you can support Assistance for Emancipation.