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We are currently raising funds for ANMN Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund 2015. 


Association of Nepalis in Minnesota(ANMN)’s mission is to build, preserve and promote an enthusiastic, active and supportive community among the Nepalis and friends of Nepal in the State of Minnesota thus strengthening the bond of friendship and cooperation.

ANMN’s Objectives are:

  1. To promote Nepali culture through various mediums such as these:
    • Cultural Shows that include, songs, dances, skits etc.
    • Concerts and shows of various local as well as professional artistes
    • Food festivals
    • Annual Picnics
    • Sports Tournaments
    • Dasain-Tihar Celebration
    • Nepali New Year Celebration
    • Art Exhibitions & Literature promotion
    • Camping, and special tour
    • Exchange ideas via information workshops
  2. To disseminate Nepal related information to Nepali Diaspora and to encourage and augment community involvement for educational, social as well as charitable purposes.
  3. To raise and manage funds and donations for the purpose of worthy humanitarian causes in cooperation with other organizations.