A Stroke Took Away My Arm and Leg But Not My Hope

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Hi there. I’m Dana (EVE). I just found out there is hope for me with new technology on the market that can help me recover from paralysis caused by stroke. There are 2 machines/device (Electrical Stimulation Machine)one for arm and one for leg/foot that actually moved my paralyzed left arm and hand during the trial test. As for my leg, it made my paralyzed left foot flex up and down as necessary for normal walking. However, these machines need to be worn at all times during the first year so i need to own them. Each one cost $6,0320. I was crying tears of joy that I finally had a piece of hope to hold onto. I have no money to buy this machine so I am turning to the public in hopes someone will see I am worthy of their help and I promise to “pay forward” their generosity when I get well again. Here is my story. On April 21, 2012 I suffered a severe stroke. When I learned what happened I was shocked and soon depression set in because I was so pro-active about my health. I worked out and ate healthy. How could this happen to someone like me I thought? Now I left the hospital paralyzed on my left side and mostly in a wheelchair. Later I learned strokes can even happen to people my age and younger. Before my stroke I was very active as a professional dancer, actress, model and hairdresser. This stroke took everything I love away, including my beloved and funny little Yorkie “Gypsy” who broke away from a friend who was walking her and she got lost in LA city traffic while I was in the hospital. She was microchipped but still we never found each other. I felt like the stroke took away the joy in my life, but when I learned Gypsy was gone I became more depressed. Besides losing Gypsy, gone are the hopes, dreams and aspirations I had for my future. I’ve been independent and on my own since I was 17. Now I depend on others for everything and yet I am coping with this as best as I can. In spite of all that happened I finally clawed my way out of depression and with my characteristic fierce determination decided I will not give up so quickly and I will do whatever I can to walk better plus use my arm again. For the last 3 years I have been aggressively doing physical therapy, even taking a van for the 130 mile round trip to LA and having to be there all day at times for just a one hour appointment. I bought a cheap manual “stepper” machine and use it faithfully at home working up to 2000 steps every day. I want to strengthen my leg, but I still can’t walk normally as I explained above. I want so badly to “UN-paralyze” myself so I can resume living my life as passionately as I used to. After pouring over the internet looking for help on how to UN-paralyze myself I came across a cutting edge, new therapy called “Bioness.” Bioness incorporates a very advanced electrical stimulation that helps regrow lost neuro pathways and teaches the brain to reconnect to the impaired limbs. The web sites to view the equipment and therapy are: http://www.bing.com/search?q=find+b... http://www.bioness.com/NewsMedia/Me...- and http://www.bioness.com/Documents/L3.... I really believe after trying everything else, this is my last/best hope of being able to recover use of my lost limbs. The test trial worked really great on me, I was amazed. My Medi Cal insurance will not pay for it. This new technology therapy is estimated about $13,000 to include periodically programming it and therapy. I hate to ask for financial help but I have to raise the money I need for this therapy if I am to have a chance at using my arm again. I am very outgoing and love talking to people. God has a plan for me. I don’t know what it is yet. If this therapy works maybe I can be an example to others with paralysis maybe even starting a support group to be determined and ferocious about getting their life back as they knew it before as survival strategies in the meanwhile. I will continue to work hard on my exercises at home as I have been to at the least keep my muscles from atrophying while waiting for the Bioness therapy I pray to God I can acquire. I hold out hope to get this new therapy so I am not dependent on others this much. I’d like to have a job again. I do not want to rely on the government for my livelihood. I am respectfully asking for help with any donation amount. It is so greatly appreciated! I hope to live for many years yet and I’d like to use my arm again and walk normally so I can live my life as passionately as I used to. Thank you for spending time reading this long- winded plea. I will pay it forward as I stated above by helping other people with a similar disability like mine sharing my own experience, strength and hope. With grateful thanks, Dana Turbeville


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Dana Turbeville

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