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Small Sums Change Lives!

At Home Group's goal is to foster self-sufficiency through education and employment for individuals who are homeless or precariously housed. Tax ID 20-3431326


Please help! To continue with my schooling, I need assistance buying books and tools to study. I have encountered some challenges, but am committed to staying in school. Life has been difficult, but I had a handle on things. I was living in a homeless shelter but attended school faithfully. On my way back to the shelter one day, I was badly beaten by four strangers. After having a metal rod surgically implanted to replace part of my jaw, I returned to school. To continue my schooling, I am in need of help to pay for books for my classes. I want to finish school so I can support myself and have a better life. Thank you, Thomas Action needed:  Your donation will remove obstacles to education and employment for homeless and precariously housed individuals like Thomas.  You will enable them to go to school, return to work, pay for their own housing, be taxpayers again and most importantly ... care for themselves and their families.

Goal: At Home Group's goal is to foster self-sufficiency through employment for individuals who are homeless or precariously housed.

Examples of donations needed:  A Uniform - $25   Shoes - $50  Bus Fare - 1st month work - $100   Trade Tools - $500   New Business - $2000   Fund a program - $15,000

ORGANIZATION INFORMATION: Sometimes the simplest solution to helping someone become employed is the one most over-looked.  When we asked a group of people who were experiencing homelessness what was preventing them from being successfully employed, the answer we got most often was amazing.  It wasn't a lack of work experience; many had a solid work history until the economy or some other life circumstance caused a separation from their last job.  It wasn't a lack of training - many people who are experiencing homelessness have training or a skill in a particular area that can pay a wage to support a family.  It was the inability to pay for a bus pass, purchase tools or buy a uniform that were the obstacles preventing them from becoming self-sufficient.  For years our founder served on the board of People Serving People (a Minneapolis homeless shelter serving 99 families daily).  He always wondered what more could be done to stop the downward spiral the shelter residents were in.  Then on a visit to an eastern state he heard about a program that was succeeding at just that.  When he got back to Minneapolis, he gathered others with the same concern, explained the program and they started changing lives.  Established in 2005, At Home Group found a simple solution with almost a 100% success rate for helping individuals and families who are homeless not only move off the streets and out of shelters but become self-supporting, tax-paying citizens, as well. In 2005, At Home was originally called At Home Foundation and was supported by donations from the founders and Board of Directors.  Eventually, as the need for services grew, the Board decided to seek donations from other sources to assist a greater number of individuals and the name was changed to At Home Group, Inc.  At Home Group has been in the People Serving People building since At Home started.  PSP was aware of our excellent service record for their clients and others.  Discussions between the presidents of the two boards made it apparent that At Home could serve more clients and be more effective if our services were also offered through the People Serving People Employment Coordinator.  And this win-win agreement gave PSP a resource for helping clients become employed and self-sufficient; At Home could avoid incurring the costs of more staff but still increase their service by working through PSP.  This freed up more funds to go directly to clients.  In the first quarter of 2009, At Home Group and People Serving People's Employment Coordinator started this collaboration, thus increasing access to service for clients. 

To Small Sums Donors:

Thank you so much for your help.  It is just so amazing to see how even $25 can change a life. In many jobs, employee are required to have a certain color shirt.  With our $25 donations we are able to put them back to work.  If you set up a monthly donation of $25, you will change a life 12 times a year!  Thank you for all your support.


Kathy Olson, Executive Director