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Our Story: Statement of Purpose:
Who is Georgia Soul: Georgia Soul is a one-stop for Catering, Events, & Southern Hospitality, established in 2010 and serves the Atlanta market.

What is the Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan About: The Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan is designed to give consumers the three main elements of Southern Hospitality, which are dining, entertainment, and lodging. ATLANTA LANDING will bridge the gap and bring the best of Soul Food Catering, Live Entertainment, and a Better Stay together. ATLANTA LANDING will be recognized as a premier one-stop for leisure in Atlanta. The name ATLANTA LANDING fits right in line with the concept. ATLANTA LANDING will become the most talked about place for tourists, travelers, vacationers, celebrities, event planners, and consumers looking a new spot to visit in the City of Atlanta, Georgia. ATLANTA LANDING is the perfect get-a-way with all the amenities of a fine restaurant, upscale venue, luxury hotel suite and private Bed & Breakfast in one.

The ATLANTA LANDING Complex will feature a Soul Food Restaurant & Bar, thirty to fifty Guest Suites, Conference Suites, Banquet Suites, Meeting Suites, Party Suites, Retail Boutiques, and First Class Housekeeping. Guests are treated to rich scents, historic art, sumptuous homemade cooking, and deluxe touches like candy, novelties, gift bags, promotional products, bed & breakfast, clean social environment, live entertainment, and more. ATLANTA LANDING will make history and prove to be the better way to stay.

What we Plan to Do: The Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING will come full circle in four phases (phase one) Planning & Financing, (phase two) Brand & Launching, (phase three) Construction & Staffing, and (phase four) Grand Opening. Georgia Soul and its investor are seeking to lease or purchase a foreclosed, bank owned commercial zoned property in the Business Improvement Districts of Atlanta, Georgia. The plan features rebuilding, renovating, and restoring of a vacant property in the City.

 Phase 1: Detailed Project Planning and Financing 11-1-2011 90 days
 Phase 2: Project Branding and Launching 2-20-2012 90 days
 Phase 3: Construction and Staffing 5-1-2012 180 days
 Phase 4: Finish Construction 11-1-2012 Grand Opening

What Problems we Solve: The Georgia Sou (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING will put people to work and decrease unemployment, increase tourism and events in the city, rehab a vacant building, and bring the property value in the community. Tourism is growing in the city of Atlanta, more trade-shows, concerts and major events are coming to the City. This Project Plan will add to the Historic Places to visit in Atlanta, GA

Secondly; Consumers are looking for an all in one company for fine dining, southern hospitality, live entertainment, and lodging. The average consumer today spends six months trying to organize their own travel plans, event or party from where to sleep, finding a venue and caterer to the entertainment, bartender, photographer, and the invites. Together Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING will cut this time down too weeks, additionally saving consumers up to 50% in cost. ATLANTA LANDING will be able to accommodate all aspects of Lodging, Hospitality, and Entertainment for Special Events, Meetings, Reunions, Receptions, Auditions, Tours, Shows, Weddings, Conferences, and more. ATLANTA LANDING will make a name for itself as it will be the #1 choice for all of the above.

ATLANTA LANDING will allow consumers a choice in style, theme, and environment when planning an event meeting, party, or just for eating and lodging. The difference ATLANTA LANDING brings to the industry is its Hospitality Management and the various styles of suites available for lodging. ATLANTA LANDING will bring a new meaning to Southern Hospitality and Tourism in the City of Atlanta. Additionally ATLANTA LANDING will host in house events and Time-Sharing opportunities for its Elite VIP members of (NAHEMP) National Association for Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Professionals.

How much Capital we need: Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING is asking $5,000, 000.00 to complete the plan by November 2012. The Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING will be launched in February of 2012 at which point we will need $2,500,000.00 to secure a location and start renovations. Between February and June of 2012 another $2,500,000.00 will be needed to roll out the completed project plan.

Cost Breakdown: $2,500,000.00 to secure a location and start renovations, $2,500,000.00 to roll out the completed plan including start up expenses, six months operating expenses, staffing, future research and development, and grand opening marketing for a total of $5,000,000.00.

Our Development Stage: Georgia Soul was established in 2010 as a mobile Catering, Events, & Hospitality service. Georgia Soul is now in the growing stage of business from a mom and pop catering service to ATLANTA LANDING. Georgia Soul currently operates as a DBA Catering, Events, and Hospitality service; ATLANTA LANDING is incorporated as a LLC in the State of Georgia. ATLANTA LANDING is in its start-up stage

Our Marketing Strategy: ATLANTA LANDING will need to be marketed as a one-stop for Southern Hospitality. The Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan is designed to give consumers the three most important elements of hospitality; which are Hotel, Restaurant, and Entertainment. ATLANTA LANDING will also be marketed as a Tourists destination and Time Share.

ATLANTA LANDING is sure to capture attention at first site with the most amazing landscaping and building renovations. The complex will be designed to accommodate a minimum 800 persons, and will include a greeting center, handicap accessibility, 30-50 private lodging suites, conference/meeting suites, hospitality suites for parties, restaurant lounge, catering kitchen, internet cafe business center, work-out center, in-door gymnasium, indoor pool, show atrium, listening suite, paparazzi suite, and several exclusive boutiques. The amenities, furnishings, and dcor will be pleasing and comforting to consumers who are hospitality savvy.

ATLANTA LANDING will sell easily to consumers planning special events, vacations, weddings, receptions, birthdays, meetings, conferences, and group functions. ATLANTA LANDING will be equipped with state of the art audio, visuals, lighting, and sound. Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING will sell signature merchandise to capture the attention of consumers who like souvenirs, gift baskets, books, t-shirts, cups, posters, candy, cards, music, etc.

Our Location: ATLANTA LANDING is centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Fulton County vicinity has an approximant traffic count of over 200,000 cars per day. The Metro and Suburban area of Atlanta is home to over a million people. ATLANTA LANDING is located in Economic Development and Market Place Zone. The County Officials for the City of Atlanta are very cooperative in the efforts to see the Project plan succeed. Downtown Atlanta is less than a fifteen minute ride, with Hartsfield International Airport nearby. The location surrounds hundreds of restaurants, malls, and plazas. ATLANTA LANDING is well location with easy access to I-75; I-85, I-20, and I-285, Public transportation is within walking distance.

Who Will Buy What We Sell: The clients generated through Georgia Soul Catering and Events will be the driving forces behind selling ATLANTA LANDING. The ideal of the Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING is to keep everything in-house and in one-stop, eliminating the use of our competitors services and venues. Consumers are looking for the best in Southern Hospitality from dining and entertainment, to lodging at an affordable price. ATLANTA LANDING will attract any consumer looking for an upscale social environment that can accommodate people with different likes and taste in hospitality.

How We Will Reach Customers: Our marketing and public relations firm MIDSOUTHMKT has already launched a guerrilla marketing, branding, and multi-media campaign promoting the Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING. MIDSOUTH Marketing & Public Relations will reach customers in Metro-Atlanta and the top 30 markets in the U.S. by using internet marketing, street teams, mobile marketing, radio commercial advertisements, fundraisers, events, t-shirts, flyers, business cards, trade shows, networking, word of mouth, billboards, schools, referrals, health & human service agencies.

Our Competitors Are: The Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING competes with other players in the Lodging, Hospitality, Entertainment, Catering, and Events business, both small to mid-sized enterprises. The majority of our competitors are just focusing on one specific area of these industries. Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING will give consumers more options and choices when comes to hospitality and a better stay. Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING focus is a 100% on southern hospitality, private lodging, exclusive events, and live entertainment; giving consumers everything they need in one- stop.

Our Defense Is: Georgia Soul (E3) Project Plan for ATLANTA LANDING is being managed by a professional team of individuals and entrepreneurs who will focus on the brand and invest in research, development, management, and marketing to maintain our lead in the market. ATLANTA LANDING will be operated on the grounds that satisfied customers are imperative to us being a sustainable business.

Who Is On Our Team: ATLANTA LANDING will be made up of a strong Hospitality, Marketing and Management team with education and experience in Small Business Management, Marketing Management, Visual Merchandising & Graphics, International Marketing & Finance, Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Retail Management, Culinary Arts. Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING will also recruit a staff a crew of Caterers, Bartenders, Security, Servers/Waiters, Models, and Promotions Team for a direct consumer experience. There will also be a Board of Directors overseeing the business as it grows and develops.

(404) 671-0843 - www.georgiasoulcateringevents. -

The Impact: The Impact Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING will have on ATLANTA, GA when it comes to SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY, TOURISM, CATERING, EVENTS, and ECONOMY EMPOWERMENT, will be enormous and profitable. Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING will empower the Community by putting families back to work and generating Hospitality and Tourism revenue for the CITY of ATLANTA. If Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING does not Launch before NOVEMBER 2012 the RECESSION will continue to affect Americans who are trying to bounce back from the Economic struggle we have encountered the past decade.

(404) 671-0843 - www.georgiasoulcateringevents.

What We Need & What You Get: We need to raise $5000 .00 quarterly to start the Launch. Don't be alarmed if we don't reach our fundraising goal because we have various funding, investors, and sponsorship sources for each stage of the Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING Project. The GEORGIA SOUL Project is broken up into stages to be sure funding is secure. The BENEFIT of

DONATING to the GEORGIA SOUL Project is you become a Member by Association for free.

For more information about the Georgia Soul and ATLANTA LANDING. Launching 2012: (404) 671-0843 - www.georgiasoulcateringevents.

Other Ways You Can Help: 'Do It With Others' We are asking you to help spread the word and make some noise about our campaign. Don't forget to remind them about the share! (404) 671-0843 - www.georgiasoulcateringevents. -



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