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We all have those days, some more than other, and many to the extreme. There are times we want to give up, walk away, or say goodbye to it all. Many of us have lost someone to one of those days. It's something that no one should ever go through. Jared Padaleki, an amazing man from Texas, started the Always Keep Fighting Campaign, after loosing another friend to suicide. The s-t0shirts have sold all over the world. People bought t-shirts for others that could afford one, people they had never meet! Anytime a member of the SPN/AKF family sees another with a shirt from Jared's campaigns, you can't help but smile and say something, showing your support. We all have a personal story how Always Keep Fighting has helped us. Mine is just one (which I will share on my Facebook page - I started traveling with the Creation conventions, selling my crafts in Feb 2016. I had already known of the campaign and had a few shirts, but always wanted to take it further. My best friend and I had a few photo ops with the boys we shared, to help show our support of this campaign, including an "Avengers" style photo. - "NOT ALL SUPERHEROES WEAR CAPES". People asked what we did with the props the boys had held in the photo. And it made us think. There was interest in fans owning the items used. But we wanted to do something bigger than a Thor Hammer and Capt. America Shield. So our next idea was born - All For One, And One For All - In Vancouver we did a Musketeers shoot. Athos, Porthos, Aramis, D'Artagnan, and Cardinal Richelieu were there! The boys signed all 5 clothing pieces to be given away to help raise awareness of Always Keep Fighting. There was thought about donating them to Creation to be auctioned off at a convention, but that left the to options so small; only a few people would have the opportunity, it would go to the highest bidder, limited those that have wouldn't have a chance. So we thought a bit more and came up with this idea... Although we can not do an official "Raffle" since it is illegal in some places, we are doing a crowdrise fundraiser. We will be running this through the end of the year, December 31st, giving anyone a chance to be a part of this event! We will be gifting these costumes, worn, and then signed by both Jared and Jensen, after the JacksonVille, FL Creation Convention. There is no amount too small you can donate to help with amazing cause! You can find us at almost ever Creation SPN con for the remainder of the year (Excluding Toronto and Burbank), where you can ask questions, see the photos, and make a donation!! We will be presenting Jared and Jensen with the donations at the Jacksonville show! Thank you for your help, and don't forget... ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING!! (Disclaimer- for those concerned, yes, we have the full backing of Jared Padaleki on this - he has know for a while we are putting this together, he sees me at least once a month and I keep him updated on the progress of putting this together!)



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