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American Tax Payers Union

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American Tax Payers Union
.org is the PAC and .com is the MBO

GOAL 10,000,000 members. Avg. member $100 this makes us the most powerful Union Group in America with $1 billion dollars. And we should be…. we ARE the American Tax Payer.

DC it's our money. Not yours. You work for us not the other way around. You are a public “servant” and we are the public.

Non Profit,
Proceeds go to administration and recruiting. Model administrative budgets similar to Red Cross.

We believe the mission is as simple as this: To unite and empower tax payers and GIVE them a voice in the ear of the 100 men and women that chart the course our US Senators.

Focused. Heard.

Our target: 100 Senators. Period. Its defined, its focused, its reachable. (This forces Congress to listen as well as the president) In racing terms the President is the pace car…congress is the pit crew and the Senators are the drivers.

Objectives: Long Term
1. Eliminate the Electoral College. We want every vote to count. Majority rules. (This is harmonious to our mission statement.) and we can end the debate on discussions on voting all together…you have to show a photo id to vote. Period. You have to have photo id to do everything else…voting is no exception.

2. Term Limits on Politicians (NO EXCEPTIONS) this ensures a government of the people and by the people and not by DC Lifers.

3. Line Item “Vote”. This will start to curtail pork barrel politics.

ANNUAL ongoing

ATPU will secure and present (on the atpu website) every Bill up for vote in the Senate. We will provide a synopsis of the Bill for members who do not want to read every page. We will then break out every individual item (program, pork, recipient of funds, new policy) basically the line item.
And position it for you to login and vote on each individual issue.

ATPU will provide and post in real time the current vote of its members “The Taxpayers”
We will have a countdown clock to the closing of the ATPU polls so we can finalize the “VOTES” and provide them to all 100 Senators in electronic format and audited, certified hard copy delivered certified mail and by ATPU officers in person.

We will push Senators to commit to the following:
1)Agree (sign a document) to reading every page of the bill prior to voting on the bill.
2)Reviewing the Poll Results “Votes” of the ATPU BEFORE they vote on the bill so they enter the House
Knowing with certainty what the tax payers voted for and against. THEY’RE real job is to deliver the message.

We will use technology to educate our members. We will email and mass TEXT every member every time a new bill is posted and that the polls are open and inform them how many days they have to cast their vote. Before we audit and certify the results. They will be able to vote online and the site must be incredibly secure. We can allow for no voter fraud.



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