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American Towman Spirit Inc

The American Towman Spirit Ride honors fallen first responders among police, fire, emergency medical and tow specialists, and serves to educate the motoring public to the Slow Down, Move Over laws in all 50 states. Tax ID 82-0635774


The Spirit Ride is traveling Memorial Day, paying tribute to fallen first responders.

The Mission is clear. Honor fallen first responders and educate the motoring public about the Slow Down, Move Over law!  #spiritride calling all Tow Truck's Police Fire and EMS. 

What's The Spirit Ride?

The Spirit Ride is designed to draw media attention to Move-Over laws and the needless sacrifices towers and other first responders make in serving the motoring public and transportation industry.  

To date, the ceremonial casket, called Spirit, has been relayed from tow truck to tow truck in 140 cities since June 1st of 2017. Another 160 cities will witness the relay, the ceremony, and the procession that is the Spirit Ride. By the end of 2018, some 10,000 emergency service vehicles  will have participated in the processions that followed Spirit across America.

Hundreds of first responders working the highways' white lines are struck by cars and trucks. 60% of those killed tow operators. Police, fire fighters and emergency medical technicians are also casualties. 

We ask the public along with first responders join us in this campaign to promote the SLOW DOWN MOVE OVER LAW #SDMO: prevent further tragedies on the roadways and allow first responders to work and go home to their families. Funds go into an ongoing media outreach campaign which so far has achieved tv news reports and newspaper articles in every city the Sprit Ride has entered.  Funds also keep the Spirit Ride support team on the road, staging the ceremonies and processions.