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CROWDRISE : Jan 10, 2012
Tax ID: 01-6000784
BASED: Auburn, ME, United States



Our Mission

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The Auburn Public Library is the BEST library in the State of Maine - no small feat in the company of giants.

Like all public libraries, we offer a world of knowledge, freedom of thought, personal transformation, and, of course, books, magazines, etc.

This library is also the center of the Auburn community.  We are a gathering place to learn, a place to share what you know, a place to teach our children, and a place to enjoy lunch.  (Yes, we have a cafe on the ground floor - The Library Cafe.)

We lend out more than just books.  We have early literacy iPads in the children's room, we have e-readers, we have free WiFi and 25 public access computers.  All free to our community.  The WiFi also goes out to the parking lot if you want to stay in the car though we would love to see you inside.  Warm in winter, cool in summer.  And, thanks to Procter & Gamble, we will be opening Maine's first digital media lab in the fall of 2012.

We have lots of programs for children, teens and adults. Last year we had 941programs for more than 15,000 people.  For some, this may sound small, but Auburn is a city of 23,000 people.

So now, I hope you can see why this is the best library in the State of Maine.  

Tax ID: 01-6000784 •


2012 Dream Big for the APL

2012 Dream Big for the APL

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36% Raised of $5,000 Goal