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CROWDRISE : Apr 27, 2012
Tax ID: 36-4710626
BASED: Augusta, GA, United States



Our Mission

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Founded in 2011, the Augusta Greenway Alliance works to advance:

1.     The increased employment of sustainable transportation in urban cores and walkable environs, which typically have an extensive network of low speed roads and limited parking, both of which favor low speed electric vehicles (LSV’s) and bicycles.

2.     Enhanced transit corridors though a synergistic, multi-modal alliance, leveraging the power of LSV's and bicycles to greatly widen the swath of sustainable, affordable transportation, and boost transit utilization.

3.     Adoption of municipal ordinances which incentivize use of sustainable transportation.

4.     Enhanced suburban neighborhood connectivity via “green connectors.”

5.     Economic development of communities by better and more diverse transportation options.

While LSV’s have been street legal on low speed roads (35 MPH or less) of many American cities for over a decade, market adoption of the vehicles has been primarily in suburban, planned communities, where reliance on high speed arterials limit their use. The Alliance seeks to foster urban, sustainable transportation, with coalitions between cyclists and low speed electric vehicle owners, to the benefit of both urban and suburban environments.

As the worlds's city-dwelling population fast approaches 4 billion, it has become clear that sprawling cities dependent on conventional, fossil-fuel-based autos are simply not sustainable. For most of these city dwellers, these development patterns are simply unaffordable. And for the earth's environment, the case is pretty closed on the climate changing impact of oil-based transportation.

The Allaince is a 501(c)3 public charity, based in Augusta, GA, a leading producer of low speed electric vehicles. By making the city a model for overlay of sustainable transportation onto the existing urban fabric, we seek to think globally, while acting locally.

Tax ID: 36-4710626 •


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