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Aumazo, Inc. Tax ID 68-0634801


Aumazo, Incorporated is a nonprofit organization designated 501(c) (3) by the Internal Revenue Service. Aumazo is determined to make a difference in the lives of the girls it will serve. The organization recognizes that, if given the opportunity, women and girls are often the engines of transformational economies in developing nations. Therefore, its primary goal is to make high school education and vocational training a viable option for girls in rural areas. The primary beneficiaries are rural girls in the west francophone Cameroonian village of Bankondji, where it is still uncommon for women to be educated and trained beyond middle school.

Aumazo, Inc. is introducing a new tradition in rural Cameroon by extending secondary education to include high school for girls. We are proposing a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of literacy and gives special attention to the development of critical thinking skills. Moreover and given the economic challenges faced by rural communities, and in keeping with our commitment to social justice and environmental awareness, Aumazo's pilot boarding school will also include a curriculum that helps students find gainful employment upon graduation if they do not continue higher education studies.