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SAVING ONE LIFE's Fundraiser:

Austin Family Tails of Hope Medical Fund for ButterScotch




ButterScotch came to us as a loving, friendly kitten who snuggled with you anytime he could.  After a few days, it was quite noticeable that ButterScotch didn't walk quite like any other kitty and couldn't really jump or play.  He would take a few steps and sit, over and over again.

Come to find out, ButterScotch has grade 4 luxating patellas in his hind legs.  His mobility is limited substantially but he spirit isn't.  He needs knee surgery to be able to move and play like any other kitty.

Please help offset the cost of his surgery which is estimated to be $2,300.

ButterScotch is a member of the Austin Family Tails of Hope Medical Fund.    To learn more, continue below or visit our website.

Saving One Life covers major medical costs while caring for our rescued cats and kittens. When major health issues arise, the costs to treat them often exceed donations.  Some, but not all of the medical procedures Saving One Life covers are: surgeries (i.e. emergency spay, eye enucleation, eyelid repair); broken bones and birth deformities such as cleft palates (Anastasia), eyelid agenesis (Felis) and luxating patellas (Butterscotch). Unfortunately, our historical donations, while greatly appreciated and critical to our daily operations, do not sufficiently cover the cost of the major medical needs of these kitties.  

The name of this fund is after the Austin Family. Initially connecting with our organization as adopters and ultimately as fosters, the Austin’s (a family of four) became a cherished branch of Saving One Life. Beyond rescuing cats and kittens, The Austin Family volunteered countless hours supporting key functions critical to our success. The Austin’s possessed an abundant wealth of compassion and selflessness and gave all that they could to saving precious feline lives. Devastatingly, fate had a different plan for The Austin Family when, on April 22, 2016, an automobile accident claimed the lives of Christopher, the six-year old son and Ashley, the 27-year old wife and mother. Stricken with grief and saddened by the loss, we at Saving One Life searched for a way to bolster support for our rescue mission, while honoring the incredible and truly special Austin Family. As such, Ashley and Christopher, as well as the entire Austin Family, have been memorialized through our newly minted Austin Family Memorial “Tails of Hope Medical Fund”. Through this fund, we celebrate Ashley’s and Christopher’s lives as well as their selfless service and dedication to our philanthropic cause.

To learn more about these kitties, the fund and the Austin family, visit our website at



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