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We are Autism Empowerment, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting a culture of acceptance, enrichment, inspiration and empowerment for youth, adults and families in the autism community locally, nationally and worldwide. We serve all ages and abilities and promote Four Foundational Pillars of Positivity: Accept, Enrich, Inspire and Empower. Tax ID 45-2455219



May I welcome you as an Ambassador for Autism Acceptance?

We are Autism Empowerment, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting a culture of acceptance, enrichment, inspiration and empowerment for youth, adults and families in the autism community locally, nationally and worldwide.   We believe every one of us has gifts to give the world and in order to shine a light on those gifts, we sometimes need help along the way.

For those in the autism community, support from Autism Empowerment comes in the way of programs, services and multimedia content designed by and for the autistic community in partnership with parents, educators,, community partners and Autism Acceptance Ambassadors like you!

Here is a highlight of our programs: 

Autism Serves Kids Care Club - Volunteerism and service learning for youth and families. We provide youth on the spectrum of all abilities the opportunity to volunteer in our community for a wide range of organizations. Our Kids Care Club was awarded one of the Top 10 Kids Care Clubs in the nation by GenerationOn in 2015.

Autism Serves - Volunteerism and leadership opportunities for all ages and abilities. Whether it be a sensory-friendly event, a leadership training or assisting us virtually, youth and adults on the autism spectrum, their families and community allies have the opportunity to volunteer with Autism Empowerment in a variety of cool ways!

Spectrums Magazine (soon rebranding and expanding!) - We are the only full-color 48-page quarterly magazine written by and for the autistic and autism community in the Pacific Northwest. Each issue is packed with thought-provoking, educational and inspirational content including regular features in these areas:

  • Stories from the Spectrum: Autism from An Autistic Perspective
  • Advocacy
  • Lifespan
  • Recreation
  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Therapy

And in case you were wondering, our Editor is on the autism spectrum. We wouldn't have it any other way!

We distribute 10,000+ copies each quarter to over 400 locations in the southwest Washington and Portland, OR metro area. Publications are FREE to individuals and families who pick them up. 

We hope to expand our magazine both locally, regionally and nationally around the country in print and online format. If you happen to know of a philanthropist, business or foundation that would like to assist in that effort, please let us know! Our aim is to provide job and contract opportunities for many on the autism spectrum.

To view any of our 16 back issues online visit:

Our newest issue (and one of our favorites) is Winter 2017 and will be distributed starting December 1st. (We showed a sneak peek at the cover above.)

In addition to creating content that serves both locally and nationwide, we also offer and develop programs within the Southwest WA and Portland OR metro area with the vision of replicating nationwide through the power of passionate philanthropists, and the gift of multimedia.

We believe in giving back to the community where we live while working to expand nationwide. Here are a few of our ongoing Support Groups and Social Clubs - all designed with respect, acceptance, and empowerment in mind. 

  • Adults on the Autism Spectrum
  • AWEtism We Embrace (neurodiverse & neurotypical)
  • Dads’ Autism Support Group
  • G.I.R.L.S. Group
  • Parents of Tweens & Teens Support Group
  • Tweens & Teens Social Club
  • AE Tweens & Teens Book Club

We’ve got more too… check it out on our Autism Empowerment website if you’d like!  

  • Autism Empowerment Radio podcasts
  • Autism and Scouting Leadership Training Kit

And lots of big dreams to be fulfilled ahead!

With all that we have going on, many people think we're pretty big, must have our own building, a couple dozen paid staff and perhaps an endowment or two.

Well...  here is our secret. 

We've been volunteer-based since 2011 and although we really are working toward that Autism Empowerment campus, paid staff and an endowment or two (or three, or four), the truth is...

We're not traditional. We are different but not less. We were founded by a couple of passionate neurodiverse dreamers with two youth on the spectrum who were called to this mission of serving the world by helping each person on the autism spectrum to thrive, to be loved, respected and to find their gifts to share with the world.

As an organization, we've been putting all our money into programs but have had little to invest in infrastructure.  Part of the reason quite frankly is that most of the grants we apply for offer very little (if any) in the way of costs for staffing and operations overhead.  

And honestly... it has been difficult at times for us to ask people to give, particularly in-person or over the phone. Part of it truly ties in with our autistic neurology and the way we socially communicate. But I guess if we're introspective, we know that anxiety and fear have played their part too.

But now we're ready to face that with your help! Autism Empowerment needs a strong, generous and robust infrastructure to thrive. Youth, adults and families in the autism community deserve better. Let's give it to them TOGETHER.   

So here is where you come in!  Remember when we said above that we all have gifts to give?  

Now is the time! Whether you are able to give $10, $50, $100, $200 or more, we appreciate every gift! If you are a person who has achieved great financial success in your life and would like to give more, we welcome all $1,000, $10,000, $25,000 and greater gifts. 

We all have gifts to give!  Thank you for sharing yours!

Thank you for being an Ambassador for Acceptance of All Abilities.

Love, peace and joy to you.