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CROWDRISE : Feb 28, 2015
Tax ID: 46-5644238
BASED: Spring, TX, United States



AutismShare thrive to help and support the families of those who are affected by Autism. 1 in 56 children are diagnosed for Autism in 2015. Our goal is to provide emotional and financial support to everyone in the Autism community.

Our mission is to create jobs to hire exclusively Adults with Autism who are aged out from the state or federal support. This Resale store is one of many we'd like to open state wide in the future to give the independence to the growing population. Planning to open the first store in the Woodlands, TX in the summer, 2016.

Employees will learn to clean, open store, restock merchandise and learn to operate POS system. Most importantly, they will have a place where they belong. Many people don't believe that Autistic people can function in the real world. We do believe that resale store can provide their OWN real world  but co-exist with the outside world. Please be the part of our dream and make it come true.

Tax ID: 46-5644238 •


Want to get involved? It'd be amazing if you created a fundraiser for our charity and helped us raise money. Create a Fundraiser