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The Autism Trust USA is a Christian based 501c3 organization committed to serving individuals, families, and communities living with autism. We strive to provide futures with purpose for all individuals with autism and associated conditions. Autism File magazine is the official publication of The Autism Trust. For 15 years, the Autism File magazine has provided families around the world with support and information on all aspects of living with autism. From early intervention and promising areas of research to addressing sleep issues, education, nutrition, and learning life skills, the magazine's content is designed to provide real help and hope for families impacted by autism. Tax ID 26-4708617


​The Autism Trust USA will be a revolutionay facility, offering vocational, educational, wellness, and semi-independent residential resources for teens and adults with autism and associated conditions. Focused on full spectrum support and community integration, The Autism Trust USA will provide a supportive and nurturing environment that will foster independence, build life skills, and generate community engagement and awareness of the vast capabilities of individuals with autism.


For more than 15 years, the Autism File has provided readers around the world with cutting-edge information on everything from promising treatments, therapies, and medical advances to education, nutrition, sibling issues, and effective advocacy. The monthly magazine and weekly newsletter are both provided free of charge to subscribers.  Addressing both day-to-day and long-term concerns with content from leading experts and seasoned caregivers, the magazine is frequently described by readers as a “lifeline” in dealing with the many challenges of raising a child on the spectrum.