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The autism puzzle piece meaning denotes the many pieces and parts of autism. From how the people it effects fit together to the many parts that must be connected to characterize the condition. The logo has seen many versions since its inception in 1963. Autistic societies around the world have developed the idea, creating their own interpretation of the logo to help spread awareness for their cause.

J-Cats tattoo supports the local charity by tattooing puzle pieces to raise awarness and contribute to thier upcoming event. Half of the money charged for each puzzle piece tattoo will be donated to

Offering a specific desing, for a set price is a waste of time because it does not allow individuality, and most contributors leave with an altered design regardless. Therefore we have decided to offer two ways to donate and get some Autisic Ink:

1. Choose the amount you want to donate and from home visit this charity page Then donate half of the chosen amount, which will go directly to the charity (J-Cats Tattoo does not collect any monies from this website) Once you have made the donation come to shop and pay half price for a puzzle piece tattoo. For example, you decide you would like to donate $100. Go to Autistic Ink charity webpage, donate $50, come to the shop get a $100 tattoo for $50. 

2. Come to shop, consult with an artist, choose your design, and get an accurate price quote. Then while at the shop you can go to the webpage from our computer, or your phone, laptop etc, and donate half the the amount to the charity and pay the other half  for the tattoo on the spot. 

3. If you want to support the charity, but are not interested in a puzzle piece tattoo, Then we encourage you to just simply donate here, or if preferred go to where you can either make a doanation or contribute by purchasing a ticket for the upcomming 8th Annual Beach Bash 2015. ($100 per person)

This fundraiser ends Saturday, May 30th, 2015 which is the date of Beach Bash 2015. For details on the event and information about charity please visit 

The Autism Puzzle Piece Logo Meaning
There is much intrigue surrounding the meaning of the autism puzzle piece. The logo became so distinct and significant that it was incorporated into the autism awareness ribbon. There are many theories as to why the logo was designed. Overall, the significance of the logo is to demonstrate the multi-faceted characteristics of autism and the diversity of the people that it affects.

The Logo's Creation
In 1963 the logo was created to symbolize autism. It was created by the National Autistic Society. Since then autistic societies around the world have altered and adapted the logo. From single puzzle pieces, to multiple pieces, from pieces pulled apart to pieces drawn together, the autism puzzle piece meaning strives to incorporate the diversity and multiple characteristics of the condition. The puzzle piece has been used to globally represent autism and its cause.

The Purpose of the Puzzle Piece Logo
The puzzle piece logo was designed to raise awareness about autism. Autism was considered a very mysterious condition for many years. With developments in research the complexity of autism became characterized by communication, social and behavioral issues. The design was meant to reflect the complexity of these issues as well as the diversity of those it affected, from patients and families to doctors and researchers.

The Significance of the Puzzle Piece
The puzzle piece signifies the many parts of autism and its multiple characteristics. The autism puzzle piece meaning is twofold in its message. It signifies the very puzzling nature of autism and all of its complexities. It also represents the difficulty those with autism have in fitting in to society. The puzzle piece has grown in its significance as people became more familiar with complexities of autism and the many different ways it affects people. The hopefulness of the puzzle piece is that although autism is complex, it is being pieced together much like a puzzle, with research making the big picture more and more clear.

The Use of Multiple Colors
The different colors represent the diversity of the people who are affected by autism. The multiple bright colors do not depict just those living with the condition. They are also intended to represent the families and loved ones of autistic children and adults. Even people researching the condition and the hope they have of finding more effective treatments are part of the diverse cross section of people affected by autism.

The Introduction of the Ribbon
Much like the red AIDS ribbon, the purpose of the puzzle piece ribbon is to raise awareness. As does the puzzle piece logo, the autism ribbon uses the colors and puzzle pieces to reflect the uniqueness of the condition and its many parts. The bright colors depict the diversity of the people, the families and the researchers.





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