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Each year, over 6M high-school graduates in India are denied the quality undergraduate education they deserve.

Avanti is a non-profit organization that is helping level the playing field for these disadvantaged students by removing the economic and social barriers to attending college. This year, over 300 students in 7 cities across India will be enrolled in our after-school programs mentored by student volunteers from the top colleges in India. Read more about the stories of our Fellows and the experiences of our Mentors.

Our next plan to is to set up learning centers that will provide our students access to technology-based learning tools and encourage them to learn collaboratively and effectively. We have one operational learning center right now and plan to set up many more.

Each learning center requires only Rs. 5 lakh ($10,000) to set up and helps provide 50 high-school students a year access to quality educational content, mentoring and a safe study-environment. Many of our students are first-generation learners. Your contributions will be used to fund computers, whiteboards, furniture at our centers and will help our students gain admission to college and transform the future of their families and their communities.

Support us! We look forward to your support :)