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Avoda Foundation

Avoda Foundation
CROWDRISE : May 23, 2014
Tax ID: 26-1591373
BASED: Lynden, WA, United States


Save a child.

Change the(ir) future.

If you could chose, would you help rescuing children & teens from slavery? Or support transforming them to live their life to the fullest? Probably both? Because a child should not be forced to collect corn from dawn to dusk, toiling under the fiery rays of the sun, while only earning a meager 30 baht per bag (or about less than $1). Because some helpless children live a life of constant, unrelenting, heart-pounding fear, never knowing when your mother will have to sell you into slavery or sexual exploitation in order to feed your brothers and sisters – but always knowing that that day will come. Because a child is not a statistic. About 1.2 million children in the world are trafficked and forced against their will into bonded labor and sexual exploitation, and esch one of them is a living, breathing individual – with a silent plea for help in their eyes.

Avoda has joined the fight for these kids. Not only to rescue the ones currently ensnared, but to offer new opportunities and education in an effort to prevent anymore from falling victim to slavery, a disease that plagues every sector of the economy, from the sugar in your coffee to the shoes on your feet.

In 2015, Thailand joined with 9 other countries to form the ASEAN Economic Community. This requires major cultural and economic shifts, especially for poorly educated teens who will then become even easier prey to human trafficking.

The team at Avoda understands the urgent need to train these teens and give them the skills and experience they need to expand their view of the world. Avoda offers vocational training as well as English language instruction and belief system coaching, to break the poverty cycle mindset. Every child is different and has their own incredible potential, gifts that they have to offer the world, and Avoda recognizes the impact of walking with each child as they grow, one-on-one, offering support and love, building trust and showing the power of faith and forgiveness.

Avoda helps you to keep the fight for lives going strong. It only takes ONE person to make ONE decision, and the future will never be the same.

Thank you,

Avoda Transformation Team


Tax ID: 26-1591373 •


Five VS Fifteen

Five VS Fifteen

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100% Raised of $20,000 Goal