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A Wish for Animals (AWFA) is a non-profit, 100% volunteer run animal rescue that rescues dogs, puppies, and sometimes cats, from the streets, high-kill shelters on their last day and owner relinquishments. We house, feed, medicate, rehabilitate and love our dogs until we can find them their forever homes!!! Tax ID 20-2331353



A Wish for Animals (AWFA) was founded 12 years ago in Los Angeles by founder, Toni Eakes.  Being in the garment industry and working in the industrial areas of Los Angeles, Toni started finding stray animals on the streets that needed help and couldn't just leave them behind.  She would save the ones she could catch and vet them, rehabilitate them and board them until she could find a forever home for them.

Today, AWFA saves about 400 dogs/puppies a year and places them into wonderful homes.  Our volunteers work tirelessly to help save the lives of these wonderful dogs/puppies and care for them until a forever home is found!  It can take an army to rescue just one dog but when we can help an animal, we do what it takes to save them and find a better life for them with love, shelter and security.

About 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 11 seconds —are put down in U.S. shelters each year.  This is a globalproblem and if everyone could help do there part, we could start to change this sad reality.  We encourage people to foster, volunteer and/or donate to help these wonderful animals that deserve a second chance.

AWFA also recognizes the importance of education so that people can understand how to best care for their pets.  85% of our companion animals die of cancer each year.  Understanding why health and diet and not over-vaccinating our pets can help them live long and healthy lives is a big part of what we do and is important.  We also do a lot of education about the importance of safety and training.

AWFA needs the help from kind-hearted people like you to continue in our mission to save lives.  It costs us about $10,000 a month (not including major medical) to run our shelter and this has been the toughest year we have ever faced.  Your donations will all go into helping us support our dogs/puppies and help us save more lives.  Thank you for your time and consideration!!!