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Shawn N Tina Martin's Fundraiser:

Azalea's End of Chemo Celebration

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Shawn N Tina Martin


Little Azalea had been battling illness most of her life. She was roughly 3 when I met her and it was just a brief introduction. But in that brief meeting, that angel humbled me and changed me in so many ways, thats its hard to put into words. You see, before Azalea, I always saw the St. Jude commercials on tv, but had never actually met a sick child. Other than the flu bugs than run rampid in my home from time to time that is. This little ball of joy and life, even tho she was sick, still had a smile on her face. As adults, when we hear that Dr tell us, "you need chemo", its the most frightening feeling in the world. Even to imagine it. But Azalea smiled. Her smile grew as wide as the door when I walked in with her Sophia the First Castle Cake. She met me right at the door. Her face is one I will never forget. Icing Smiles Inc. led me to her. And I feel all things happen for a reason. In just a few minutes time, Azalea changed me. Thank you Icing Smiles Inc for allowing me to be apart of the day that her treatment was over. Since then, I kept in contact with her parents, and she is chemo free!!! No more port!!! She's healthy again!!! She's been given a second chance. I've joined this fundraiser in hopes to raise a ton of money for Icing Smiles. An organization that not only helps bring joy into a sick childs life, but also changes the sugar angels in ways they cant even fathom. Thank you Icing Smiles Inc!!!!!!




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