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Organized by: Beau Jones

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I have always loved babies. I have always loved cupcakes. Never did I imagine that one day I would be combining my love of both in a unique way! Last summer, I became fascinated by a picture I saw online of something called 'diaper cupcakes'! They are quite popular items sold online, I would learn. Diaper cupcakes are basically just that - diapers that are rolled & twisted in such a way as to resemble a cupcake, odd as that may sound. They can even be embellished & decorated w/many 'ingredients' to make them taste sweeter. The possibilities are limitless; one can wrap baby blue or pink washcloths around the rolled diapers...or a pair of baby socks can be tucked inside each diaper (a cute 'topping' that makes), as well as a pacifier. Even bibs can be used. & so much more. What is great is that these so-called cupcakes are 100% useable on a bab! It is just a unique of presenting the same ole gift is all. So, true visual arts & crafts and visual arts person that I was, I was thoroughly tempted to create my own 'bakery' line of diaper cupcakes. After studying You Tube methods & online tutorials, I finally grasped the tricks of the trade. I purchased a package of diapers & other baby things & got busy. The more I did it the more fun I had. Every weekend I would race to the park & unload my car of neatly arranged boxes filled with all my cupcake ingredients, & design my own baby cupcakes. Then I would take pics in the natural lighting - my own photo shoots. Eventually I fancied the notion of selling them, setting up a FB page called Rock A Bye Baby Cupcakes (my other creations can be viewed there). But...when the marketing realities came crashing down after my creative highs? I gave up. Yes. Selling them seemed so hard, what with advertising costs & the savvy needed to promote them. Making them was more fun. Maybe it just wasn't a true passion, I had reasoned silently, to sell them. Many months went by, all my cupcake ingredients all packed away in boxes, when a wave came over me: those diapers & all those other baby things are setting in boxes doing nothing...they could be on babies bottoms & feets right now. How selfish I had been, I thought. I had all those baby items just stored away & of no use: Diapers. Socks. Onesies. Pacifiers. Washcloths. & more. Many necessities moms & dads need! I thought, I should just whip up those cupcakes & give em away!!! To babies in need!!! Oh, SO WHAT if I had never sold any? Maybe they weren't meant to be sold. I remembered something I had always heard in life: everything happens for a reason. Maybe..just maybe my reason for making them was they were meant to be given away. This recent awakening created immense joy inside me. There is nothing greater than thrme feeling of giving. I realized then & there the true spirit of humanity was tugging at my heart strings. It was a thrilling moment spiritually & mentally for me. My mission is to create 'sweet moments' for moms and/or dads who are in need. Be it financially or even to cheer someone up. Taking care of a baby is expensive, even when cutting corners. Even when buying used items & clothing. Parents do what they must do in order to survive & care for their precious ones. For me, I knew I couldn't gift a parent with a year supply of diapers...but I could create 'sweet moments' with baby cupcakes. It is always a delight to see a parent's face light up when they are handed a box of the cupcakes (which are placed in real cupcake boxes) & wrapped with a pretty pink or cute blue bow. & the icing on the cake (yes pun) is when they realize the cupcakes are not edible -- that each one contains a diaper, washcloth & baby socks - or other combinations of items - that they can actually use on their baby! My mission is to offer as many babies possible free diaper cupcakes! I will be needing donations to cover expenses besides the diapers, etc. - such as cupcake boxes, gift bows; & baby toiletries I want to tuck inside the cupcake box - miniature sizes of shampoo & baby powder. A comb or brush. A cpl pacifiers..anything extra. Please help me create 'sweet moments' for moms and dads everywhere! A baby doesn't ask to be born. & sometimes people just need a little support, which can make the biggest difference. Sometimes we all just need a 'sweet moment to keep us going in life. To remind us that all is well in this big world. Last but not least, I want to include a gift card in the cupcake box for the parent(s) of a baby in need! A $25 restaurant card, perhaps dinner for two. Or a movie card to see the latest release. Something for the parents to treat themselves, or on a date night...just to just unwind before getting back home to the baby they love so. Thank you for your generosity in advance & God bless you with any amount you can give to Rock A Bye Baby Cupcakes.


Organized by

Beau Jones

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