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Wendi and Jason Hauser

Wendi and Jason Hauser
Studio City, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

Hi Peeps! Welcome to our adoption fundraising page. Many of you know our story but for those who aren't familiar here's the Cliff's Notes version-we can't make babies the old fashion way (don't worry, we still try!). And that's just fine. As a matter of fact, we believe God's plan is for us to adopt a sweet little baby!

Jason and I have prayed and talked and cried and prayed some more about how we are supposed to become parents. Being that the biological route isn't cooperating, God has presented us with another way to begin our family; Embryo donation/adoption. Through this process, Jason and I adopt a frozen embryo and undergo in vitro fertilization.

While we are beyond thrilled to have this opportunity, the procedure is quite expensive. Jason and I know raising a child isn't easy and that there will be times of financial strain. We are ready to soak in the most amazing parts or being Mommy and Daddy as well as triumph through the hardest of times. Our biggest obstacle regarding adopting our child is the upfront costs; upwards of $10,000.00.

We have created this fundraising page as a way for our families and friends  to help us meet our goal. Please know that Jason and I are committed to saving money and covering as much as we possibly can. We are not asking for handouts. Rather, we are hoping you will join us in giving a tiny little baby girl or boy the opportunity to grow and flourish while fulfilling our dreams of becoming parents. Just so you are aware of our commitment, Jason and I are and have been on a very strict budget. Saving as much as possible each month and cutting all frivolous expenditures. In addition, we are looking for 2nd jobs to supplement our 60 hours/week "real jobs". 

We have been on the Southern California Fertility  Clinic's embry donation waiting list for nearly two years. Recently, we received a call telling us that our number is almost up; as in we'll be pregnant by the end of the year!!! One of our major goals while on the waiting list was to pay off some of our debt. We managed to pay off a significant chunk so that we could allot the same funds to help save for our child. We continue to set goals for ourselves and can not wait for the day when we hear our son or daughter's tiny heart beat and can share the amazing news with our loved ones!!

Wendi and Jason


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