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Jennifer Doucette's Fundraiser:

2016/2017 Bacich End-of-Year Staff Gift

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Jennifer Doucette


NEW this year - fpr tax purposes donations must be made through GoFundMe link

Thank you! 

Jenn & Jen


Dear Parents,    

As the school year comes to an end, we would like to carry on the tradition of thanking those Bacich employees who play an important and vital role in our children’s education, but are often overlooked (see list below). This optional gift is completely voluntary and is simply an end-of-year ‘thank you’ gift for our school staff.     

We are suggesting a contribution of $25 (total for all 53 people), but any amount is greatly appreciated. All money received will be divided by 53, and gift cards will be purchased for each individual listed below. Last year, enough money was collected to give each full-time employee a $165 gift card, and each part-time employee a $75 gift card – the staff was so appreciative!     

Classroom aides are also included in the end-of-year gift since many work in multiple classrooms, across several grade levels.   

Last day to contribute is Friday, June 9th. Gift cards will be given on behalf of the entire Bacich community during the last week of school. Questions? Contact, 415-722-7011, or,  415-748-3001.   

Many thanks!!!

Jennifer Hamill & Jennifer Doucette  

Bacich Staff - Full Time  
Sally Peck – Principal 

Katie Ward – Administrative Designee 

Lynn Bartha – Principal’s Assistant  

Jan Canon – Secretary 

Medhani Gebremichael - AM Custodian 

Jesus Zamorano – PM Custodian  

Josie Lochrie – Speech Pathologist  

Kerri Baetkey – ELL  

Barbara Libby-Steinmann – Art 

Becky Poon – Music 

Jean-Marc Schafer – PE 

Ilene Braff – PE 

Celeste Perez – PE 

Michael Bessonette – Technology 

Susan Warnick – Librarian 

Judianne Russell – OT 

Kris Kuivenhoven – Grounds 

Paul Miller – Head of Maintenance  

Nyjis McGhee – Para Professional 

Amita Puri – Para Professional 

Dan McCaw – Resource Aide 

Irene Meehan – Resource Specialist 

Alicia Mendoza – Resource Para Professional 

Jennifer Shelly – Resource Specialist  

Bacich Staff - Part Time  
Maia Yamasaki – Counselor 

Catherine Teller – School Psychologist 

Peter Zingg – Technology Coordinator 

Cammi Bell – Health Liaison 

Virginia DiGiralamo – Special Ed Director 

Fran Yang – Math Coach 

Krista Geissberger – Office Assistant 

Leonor Gloistein – Para Professional 

Jan Davidson – Para Professional 

Diane Dominguez – Para Professional 

Lisa Della Valle – Para Professional 

Nancy Jenks – Para Professional 

Beata Kotzian – Para Professional 

Gretchen Harris – Para Professional 

Mimi Little – Para Professional 

Lisa Meagher – Para Professional 

Nidi Shrivastava – Para Professional  

Elizabeth Pohl – Para Professional 

Chris Rosenberry – Para Professional 

Sonza Van Herick – Para Professional 

Katie Knopf – Para Professional 

Lindsay Wilson – Para Professional 

Mandy McConnell – Para Professional 

Bhavani Konduru – Para Professional 

Jessica Lincoln – Para Professional 

Roxy Lopez – Para Professional 

Laura McGibbon – Para Professional 

Susan Sharpe – Para Professional 

Amanda Sugarman – Para Professional     



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