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CROWDRISE : Feb 22, 2012
Tax ID: 95-2858936
BASED: Bakersfield, CA, United States


Our Mission

Helping families and individuals in crisis gain their highest level of self-sufficiency.

Bakersfield Homeless Center creates a strong safety net for homeless and at-risk families by providing a broad continuum of services which begins with basic shelter.  Once crisis needs are met, programs are offered to foster self-sufficiency. We provide shelter today and the tools needed to independently maintain shelter for a lifetime.


Emergency Food and Shelter Assistance


Most of our families come to us hungry, having been vulnerable to crime, disease, and the elements without another place to turn. Many are desperate for warm/cool shelter, nutritious food, and a place to restore adequate hygiene. BHC starts by meeting basic needs for food and shelter with three meals a day and a 174 bed facility. 

In these tough economic times the need for food continues to rise and many who have traditionally been self-sufficient, have suddenly found themselves seeking assistance for basic needs such as food baskets, or hot meals. Last year the Bakersfield Homeless Center provided 146,629 meals for individuals in our community. This constitutes a daily average of 401 individuals from both our sheltered clients as well as hungry members of the community.


Child Care and Development


Unique to BHC is Discovery Depot Licensed Child Care Center (DD), the first licensed child care center in California located at a homeless shelter. The program is free to eligible client families and allows BHC resident parents to travel off-campus to pursue housing, work, educational, parenting or substance abuse prevention opportunities while their children receive nurturing early child care and education that prepares them for school – and life.

During the school year, children ages 5-12 can attend BHC's afterschool program called "Champ Camp."  Every afternoon our full-time staff assists children with their homework, develops study skills, and offers enrichment activities.  Champ camp has helped almost 2,000 children improve their grades and their self-esteem.


Support for Self-Sufficiency


At the Bakersfield Homeless Center we treat the symptoms of homelessness while building healthy relationships. It is through these relationships that the homeless find the courage to seek and find the help they need. Transitional services, including drug and alcohol counseling, medical, dental and mental health care, child care, after school programs, housing and job placement assistance are all made available. Our services help homeless individuals and families develop long-term solutions with lasting success.

With the goal of creating a healthy Bakersfield community including people from all socio, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, we advocate for and assist our families as they develop strategies for self- sufficiency.  Our families and single residents work with Case Managers to develop a plan to furnish their new home or apartment, meet important Agency support personnel, get job referrals and set up child care if needed. The program also offers valuable classes in budgeting, life skills and health wellness.


Working Together to End Homelessness


When you make a donation to the Bakersfield Homeless Center, you are supporting the work of service providers and volunteers to help end the cycle of homelessness. Your contributions help pay for supportive services such as clothing, food, medical care and other items needed to provide shelter and assistance to those in need.

The Bakersfield Homeless Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all gifts are tax- deductible. 

Tax ID: 95-2858936 • WWW.BAKHC.COM


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