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Ballistic Blonde

Ballistic Blonde
United States
Stuff About Me:

Hello everybody,

If you're a fan of mine, thank you for visiting this page. I'm very grateful for your support.

We all want to spread the awareness and education about firearms that (as a person in the community) you know is lacking from the every day common knowledge of the population. What happened to playing with toy guns and not getting in trouble? What happened to gun incidents being rare? What happened to people respecting each other and not abusing the system on seemingly on a weekly basis? Should we have to pay for that lack of knowledge and respect? No. What we should be doing is educating people again. People need to know that they can defend themselves. People need to know it's their right. Once they know that, they need to know HOW to defend themselves.

This is where I need your help. As a person who has always worked hard, I am no stranger to learning and teaching because I believe that knowledge is pointless unless it is shared. Being that person, I want to learn as much as I can about firearms, and get every ounce of my knowledge out there to be shared. I will be the open book for people to look at and know that I came from little to no knowledge of these weapons of defense, to knowing as much as a person can know. Also, how to most effectively use them in a time of need. 

How are people going to learn about me? Facebook was the beginning, but not the end game. Funding is needed to make videos, equipment, and get my name out there because otherwise, this education and awareness we all want to see happen won't happen for many years, possibly after we've lost our chance. 

I need your help. Your little bit can make a difference. I'm not a homeless person who can't pay her bills. I'm paying my own bills. I just know that the longer we wait to make this move towards awareness, the farther we slip from it being possible. Help me, and I'll do everything I can so I can help teach and educate others. 

What do you guys get from this? Well, you hopefully will get to see my making a difference and helping bring people into the gun community who should've been there all along. Also, of course more photos, videos, and maybe even a product line down the road. Your donation will help fuel the whole picture!





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