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Baltimore Curriculum Project Inc's Fundraiser:

Baltimore Curriculum Project - Giving Every Child a Chance to Succeed

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The Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) operates a network of neighborhood charter schools serving over 2,100 PreK-8 students: City Springs Elementary/Middle School, Govans Elementary School, Hampstead Hill Academy and Wolfe Street Academy.

We believe that  every child should have an outstanding school choice in their very own neighborhood.

Since 1996, BCP has focused on improving existing schools by providing students, teachers and principals with the tools for success.

BCP collaborates with neighborhood schools and converts them into charter schools that continue to serve their neighborhood zones.

Every child living in the neighborhood may enroll without participating in a lottery.

We thought you would appreciate the following story about one of our students.

Jason was angry and upset, so he decided to skip school. He had just enrolled at City Springs Elementary/Middle School a week ago, but he didn’t want to be there. (The name was changed to protect the student’s identity.)

A police officer found him in the neighborhood. He had ripped his City Springs shirt in half and was kicking over flower pots. The officer couldn’t get Jason to talk, so he brought him to City Springs Principal Rhonda Richetta.

Principal Richetta asked Jason why he didn’t want to come to school. He said that he was supposed to be in ninth grade, but he was still in sixth grade. He had been retained three times at other schools.

Principal Richetta said she would help him get placed at a high school, but he would need to come to school until then. She would give him an eighth grade shirt and place him in an eighth grade class. Jason agreed.

The following day, Jason arrived at school on time. Two days later he visited Principal Richetta’s office again. Jason wanted to thank Principal Richetta for helping him.

He said this was the first time he ever liked his teachers and his classes. He asked if he could finish the eighth grade at City Springs and then move on to high school. Principal Richetta agreed.


BCP provides safe, supportive learning environments for Jason and over 2,100 PreK-8 students in Baltimore City.

Since 1996, BCP has been a leader in education reform, bringing research-based education strategies to Baltimore.

  • BCP schools use the CHAMPS classroom management program and Restorative Practices. Teachers develop positive relationships with students and clearly teach classroom expectations.
  • BCP schools use research-based curricula. The tools a teacher uses matter a great deal, and we want to equip our teachers with the most effective tools available.
  • BCP provides Academic Coaches and customized training. Teachers receive feedback and support focused on their immediate needs.
  • BCP Principals benefit from an expert team of consultants and an array of administrative supports, so they can focus on making sure that students like Jason do not slip through the cracks.

Our Students Need Your Support
Over the past 20 years, BCP has implemented a wide variety of successful programs in City Schools including: Direct Instruction, Core Knowledge, CHAMPS, NWEA, Restorative Practices, and the BCP Teacher Think Tank, just to name a few.

Public funding sustains our schools, but we rely on generous contributions from foundations and individuals to pilot new educational strategies.

Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts to provide every child with an outstanding education.

Warmest Regards,

George Hess                Laura Doherty
Chair                             President and CEO


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Carolyn Dorsey

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