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CROWDRISE : Sep 30, 2011
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Our Mission

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One Thousand feet off the east shore of the Hudson River, lays the majestic ruins of Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island, locally known as Bannerman Island. Millions of travelers on the Metro North and Amtrak trains pass the mysterious island every day on their way to and from New York City.  Francis Bannerman IV built the castle as a warehouse to store his ever expending collection of military equipment from the Spanish American and Civil Wars. Bannerman was the father of the Army Navy store. Francis Bannerman and Sons, was located at 501 Broadway in New York City till 1959 when they closed the both store and the island arsenal and move the business to Blue Point Long Island. Bannerman produced the famous “Frances Bannerman and Sons Military Catalogue” which was printed for 100 years and is still the best resource for military equipment. In 1969, a great fire ravaged the castle and burned for three days leaving an artistic shell. Due to lack of funds, the structures were left to deteriorate. In 1993, The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. (BCT) was formed to save Bannerman Castle. The BCT has come a long way to preserve Bannerman Island and its unique castle ruins.

The Good news is that BCT has completed Phase One of the Bannerman Family Residence Stabilization Project. The residence was an abandoned shell of its former shelf, with no roof, floors or windows. Poison ivy, trees and debris littered the interior. With the help of an Environmental Protection Fund Grant and private donors, the BCT has replaced the roof and installed a new floor system, along with new masonry inside the structure. The BCT volunteers have reclaimed the historic Bannerman trails and have restored Helen Bannerman’s gardens. The island is open for guided tours onboard The Bannerman Castle Trust's motor vessel, The Estuary Steward, every Saturday and Sunday from May through October.

Bannerman Castle was recently featured in the 2011 block buster movie, “Transformers, Dark of the Moon”, where it had a featured cameo toward the end of the movie. (The castle was also used as a back drop in Alfred Hitchcock’s , “North by North West”)

The Bad news is that in the winter of 2010, we lost two and a half walls of the iconic Tower building. This was a devastating blow and requires immediate intervention to keep the remaining walls from further collapse. Funding is always an issue, especially in a struggling economy.

The BCT hired the NYC architect firm of Jan, Hird and Pokorny to design the emergency stabilization of the main castle structures on Bannerman Island.

Good News: Phase One of the Stabilization  of the Main Castle Structures was completed, June of 2014. Stanless Steel braces were attached to the iconic "Tower" to stabilize the remaining walls. Tiny Houses Contractors did an amazing job on this part of the project. They performed the work in the dead of the winter and used a fan boat to cross the frozen Hudson River with the materials needed to do the job.

Now that the "tower" has been stabilized, we are moving on to stabilize the #3 Warehouse walls with braces.

The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. is looking for your support to help us with two important projects. Stabilizing the #3 Warehouse, (part of the main castle complex) and to create a visitor, interpretive center in the Bannerman residence, that was stabilized in 2011.

We are seeking$125,000 ( Total grant from Consolidated Funding, $475,000) as a challange matching grant for NY State Consolidated Funding, and $60,000 to creat a vistor's Interpretive Center in the residence.

The Cost to stabilize the entire complex will be in the millions. (The ruins of the Small Pox Hospital on Roosevelt Island were recently stabilized for 4.5 million dollars. The site is opening as public park.) The BCT plans to raise the funds in phases, so that we can effectively raise the funds needed to Save Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island.

You can help by supporting our cause.

Without stabilization, Bannerman Castle will continue to crumble quickly. There is still time and although we lost some of the Tower. There is a lot to see and save on Bannerman Island. Help us preserve this unique Hudson River Landmark for our children and their children’s children.

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