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CROWDRISE : Aug 13, 2012
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BASED: Banning, CA, United States



Our Mission

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Executive Summary


To use hands-on, fun, exciting and educational experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to educate people in what they should know to live and work in the twenty-first century.

To quote Benjamin Franklin: 

“Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I remember,

Involve me and I learn.”


This is the philosophy of the Banning Science and Technology Center.

The United States is in the beginning of the twenty-first century and we can’t find the domestic scientific and engineering talent that we need just to keep pace with progress.  The United States has fallen behind other advanced and emerging societies in four areas that are key to its economic future.  These areas are: 

Science                 Technology                      Engineering                       Mathematics

The United States government refers to these areas of learning asSTEM.

We at the Banning Science and Technology Center, believe that the United States must recapture its predominance in these fields. 


The Banning Science and Technology Center is a learning center that integrates the STEM disciplines through the use of interactive exhibits and hands-on learning.  It is designed to reinvigorate our students, their parents, and school faculty, and excite them about the possibilities available to them if only they learn these disciplines.  Our exhibits will demonstrate how the four learning areas are interrelated, how they are important to the growth and development of both the individual and society, and that they can be fun to learn and to use.


The city of Banning, California sits at the center of a circle with a 50-mile radius in which there are over 3 million people who have no access to a STEM learning center without enduring significant travel time and considerable traffic congestion.  Some of the major cities in Banning Science and Technology Center’s service area are Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Moreno Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, Corona/Norco, Murietta, Ontario, Upland and Redlands.  There are also several Native American reservations within the service area


The center will cater to a wide range of people.  Our primary audience is students 8 – 20 years old.  In addition, we anticipate assisting local k-12 and college institutions in their Math, Science and Technology Programs.  This includes programs for teaching teachers on how to present the STEM disciplines.  We further believe that adults and senior citizens will be drawn to the Center’s hands-on experimental offerings which will fulfill the human need to satiate curiosity.  We plan to allow students to use the on-site laboratories to build their science projects and answer questions they may have in specific areas as well as to pursue independent studies.  All of this activity will be supervised by a combination of staff, teachers and volunteers.

Our goal is to excite attendees with the possibilities open to them and to reignite enthusiasm for the four STEM disciplines that this country had during the three decades after World War II.

We will work with the various school districts to provide supplemental teaching tools that the districts need with experiments and teaching aids that they either do not have or cannot afford.  We expect this approach to provide an income stream in addition to income from attendance at the center, donations and grants, the restaurant, and facilities rentals.


We conservatively estimate first year attendance to be over 200,000, dropping to about 130,000 in the second year, and then increasing in following years.  This estimate is based upon several factors.  First, from discussions with other science centers about their start-up experience.  Second, from discussions with educational institutions in the area.  Third, a service area containing over 3 million people.  Fourth, attendence information provided by the Association of Science and Technology Centers.

We expect that the presence of the Banning Science and Technology Center will positively impact local schools and the Banning campus of Mt. San Jacinto College as well as the University of California at Riverside.  The center will raise the awareness of Banning in the minds of the general public and of business owners who will want to be a part of the success the center will generate and as a result will consider locating into the city.   We estimate that the center will be responsible for an additional 150+ jobs in the local economy.


Building our own facility of 50,000 sq. ft. on leased land will require a capital outlay of approximately $6,500,000.00 for the building and other land improvements.  (Detailed breakdown of the building costs are available upon request.)  We are negotiating with the City of Banning for a  long-term lease on an unused 7+ acre parcel of land at a cost favorable to Banning Science and Technology Center. 

The initial exhibits and the laboratories are expected to cost approximately $2,000,000.00, with most of that cost being covered by corporate and governmental agency sponsorships.

We have identified eight major sources of funding.  They are:

1.  Corporate sponsorships                                2.  Individual Donations

3.  Entry Fees                                                           4.  Endowments

5.  Grants (e.g. NSF education grants)           6.  Fees from  traveling exhibits

7.  Memberships (lifetime and annual)           8.  Cooperative grants with other
                                                                                      educational institutions

We are negotiating loan financing for construction of the building and we have verbal commitments for 100% of the building costs.  We will only use loans for the difference between grants and corporate sponsorships, and the costs needed to bring the facility on-line.  We expect that a combination of grants and corporate sponsorships will reimburse us for the initial cost of the building over the first five years of operation.

We are developing memoranda of underatanding with Mt. San Jacinto College and the University of California at Riverside which include cooperating in grant writing, grant sharing and facilities useage.

Henri V. De Roule, Founder & CEO 

Tax ID: 45-3577901 •


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