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ban smart meters

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This project aims at educating the public about smart meters and their intrusive nature. Many people claim and have testified that they are not being notified and are not even aware that they have these devices on their home as the utility companies are just switching these out without any kind of consent. These devices emit an electo-magnetic field (emf) and transmit information to the utility agency frequently (some on the hour). They are able to tell when and what appliance you may have on and people have reported adverse health effects like headache, dizziness, nausea, memory loss and others, invasion of privacy, trespassing, interferences with pacemakers and other appliances, safety problems, fires, hacking, and problems with accurate billing. What if someone sees you're not home for two weeks and robs your house? The World Health Organization has ruled that non-thermal emissions of electro-magnetic fields (emf) from non-ionizing radiation are a class 2 B carcinogen which is in the same group of lead, dioxin, chloroform, HIV, and ethylbenzene. Would you want a possible carcinogen in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? It is your choice to purchase any other device that may emit and emf field. You also have a choice to turn it on or off. There is no choice to turn a smart meter off at any time. Our old sturdy meters are working just fine and we are paying for what we consume including service. Why should we pay for all of this new equipment that could be giving us cancer and other ailments? Let's keep our families safe and healthy.  



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