Merlin's KIDS - Bark on the Banks 2018

Merlin's KIDS - Bark on the Banks 2018 Photo

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EVENT DATE: Oct 13, 2018

Merlin’s KIDS transforms the lives of dogs by rescuing them from shelters, training them and giving them a very meaningful purpose to their lives. These special dogs in turn help transform the lives of both the children and the adults they serve with a life long commitment to love, care for and assist…. Children with Autism and other Special Needs Veterans that suffer with PTSD Firefighters with our Disease Detection Dog program Victims of Violence and Abuse with our Courtroom Cortisol Canine Program So in essence, the dogs save the kids and the kids save the dogs; It's a match made in heaven! Merlin’s KIDS is a non profit organization dedicated to providing individually trained service dogs to those in need. We rely solely on charitable donations to achieve this goal. Check us out on

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