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What is our project about?

Our project begins with the idea, here in Spain, that banks are a problem. So we want to create something to help people live without depending, at least, of the banks POS portable system to charge credit cards on customers. We are making a system so each person can charge their customers AND receive the funds directly on their account. We don't want intermediaries, we don't want comissions. We want people to be free to choose!

Which are the requiriments?

We only need funds to do tests, so all our team works on a good developer system and we have the knowledge to do this. As we want to make this App free, we need funds to work on this without problem about our woks and to negotiate to be capable using the major credit card's licenses.

Which are the benefits?

The system we are creating is extremely easy to use! You only need to plug on the card reader on the Audio Jack port, open the App for your phone (HTML5, Java, iPhone, iPad or Android), select the amount to charge and slide the credit/debit card on the swiper! Customer will sign on the screen of your phone or introduce their ID... And that's all!

What is different from other systems?

Other systems are like banks to theirselves, act as banks, and do the part or their transactions as banks. We are different! We are trying to work with major credit cards to to ir bank-apart, so trying not to charge comissions or acting like a bank, it is for this we need funds: we want to create a system everyone can use!

Why are you doing this?

It's easy: we are tired of banks and problems on them, so we are trying to create a system you can use without problem or problems depending on banks. We are creating this system because we don't want to depend on Banks, and we are doing this for people who thinks the same.



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