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Battling bonemarrow n active blood cells

Organized by: Kristin Poole

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I am a single mother of 2 beautiful boy's been battling cancer. Since1998!It was on remission came out 18 months ago n spreaded like wild ! !!she is 34-year-old will be 35 Dec if my friend makes it looking back I never thought it could had took took over body that fast.just 4 months ago she weighed 168 now she weights 90 pounds soaking wet!All she does is lay on the coach n suffering its killing me inside all she does is cry n worry about her 2 boys n her as wellAshe has have been out of work for 6momths now sickest she has ever been her life she can handle lots of pain ,burning,throbbing,no cause due to other illness. Kristen has CANCER OUT OF REMISSION gasperises,gas pockets, ibs, chromes disease.pancuries, blockage of intestine had surgery.The doctors ran kristins family out told all them they had bad news. Didn't even consult. With family ran me out n everybody else she told doctor I could stay n room doctor cause hippo law said i couldn't stay. Could come back when am done ok at this. Point everyone is. Scared cause she went in for ibs,n hurting throwing up poison were she has gasperises. Got to hostipal started running test. I knew. Something was not rite when her fluids was cut off when she stayed. At home 2yrs n out of hostipal. Treat the cause keep couple days n pat on butt n go home end up rite back that way n sicker throwing up bile that has been going on for 15 yrs now suffering ,,pain ,throwing up ,IT KEPT GETTING WORSTER WORSTER TAKE HER BACK TO HOSTIPAL STAYS 10 DAYS N HOSTIPAL NOW LAST 15,16 yrs doctors had her everywhere finally we got a awesome doctor he found out AM EAT UP WITH BONE MARROW CANCER N ACTIVE BLOOD CELL CANCER N WAS VERY COLD SAID HE COULD NOT GIVE ME FALSE HOPES. HE HAS TO TELL ME AM DYING N GOT 6 TO 8 MONTHS TO LIVE.I WOULD BE ON OXYGEN. REST OF MY LIFE. TOLD ME TO MAKE A LIST OF THINGS I LIKE TO DO B4 I DIE !!!THAT IS WHAT MAN. SAID GOD CAN HEAL ME BUT. N THE LAST 3 MONTHS IT HAS GOTTEN. REALLY BAD EVERYTHING. IS. CHANGING AM SOOOOO WEAK CAN'T KEEP FOOD DOWN ,every time I try I start. Throwing n I don't stop for weeks!!!cancer took my life n all my dreams gone!am so weak. N can't even help myself. Must less to boys n trying to take care of there sick mommy. N her illness its breaking my heart am so helpless n can't do for my family!my grandmother who raised me has passed n dad passed away. He had it in remission now I feel like am all along n this with no one! !AM 3MOMTHS BEHIND. ON ALL BILLS N NO FOOD SCHOOL CLOTHES NOR SUPPLIES FOR SCHOOL NOR SHOES! !!CANCER HAS TAKEN OVER. I PLAYED HERE SEEMING WHAT ALL IT DID TO MY DOG I HAD. For 15yrs slowly watching. Me I could tell OT was taking toll on her like it is me n my children I have always. Worked n provided for my family am not able to n behind on everything praying god will pull me n my loving caring kids. Threw this storm I have been threw alot. God please be with me n my kids. N show me how to get threw this god so I may can help someone. Else n life keep fighting never. Give. Its easier. Said than. Done I lay on my coach now everyday. Suffering worrying about bills,food n praying god will give me one more chance at life not bring me this fair to lay here day n and out no food protein bones just sticking out skin!!!I did not no people was so cold no i have no family n been good to people I had all kinds of friends until I end up n hostipal n now home helpless!!!!Could not do anyone like this.I have bed sores on butt ,backetc...I can't get the things I need bad these r needs not wants. God bless everyone n whoever helps its greatly appreciated!!!!!!I am to sick to be homeless or no heat this house was built n 40s warmer outside last winter played here. Sick all winter no insulation n heat with electric heat n air but,gas heat again all my bills r behind!!!Am still fighting its SOOOOO hard on me to be n this shape at 34 it took over. Fast I don't even look same nothing. God please hear me the boys god n bring good people into my life!!!my disability I applied for which I will get just rite now I'm behind can't keep my head above water. Suffering no support n 2 small kids that need me single parent n AMD out hostipal my Jan's or tied!Thank u Jesus god please put some good people n my life!!!!!my only one wish. For me to get better do i can go neck to work n take care of my family. My boys all I have in my life n am all they got!!!!!God bless everyone n especially. Suffering cancer didn't realize it was this bad sick until I can't get off coach!

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Organized by

Kristin Poole

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