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Bay Area Womens Center

The mission of the Bay Area Women’s Center is to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault. BAWC is a non-profit organization in Bay County, Michigan that provides free-of-charge crisis intervention, advocacy and safe haven to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; and violence prevention education to the community; while actively pursuing social change.

WWW.BAWC-MI.ORG Tax ID 38-2118004


Each year the center serves approximately 1,000 women, men, and children with all services being free of charge.

In the past year we've taken 1,212 crisis phone calls, provided shelter for 165 adults and 143 children, conducted 61 sexual assault forensics exams and provided over 2,833 hours of counseling.

Statistics show the presence of safe-houses and shelters has significantly reduced the number of domestic violence related homicides.

It's thanks to donors like you and our community support that we are able to provide a safe and comforting place for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.